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    Volkswagen sells out of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe and the USA

    This is largely down to global supply chain bottlenecks

    Audi Group sees electric vehicle (EV) sales increase by 66.2 percent during the first quarter of the year

    Electric car sales accounted for 24,236 units during the period

    James Hind from carwow welcomes the proposal that more than half of all new cars sold in the UK to be fully electric by...

    Europe’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling cars has seen searches for electric vehicles (EVs) rise 150 percent year-on-year

    Volkswagen Group is number one for electric car sales in the UK

    Across its brands including Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and Porsche the group doubled electric vehicle registrations in 2021

    Electric vehicles (EVs) help MG Motor UK break all records as sales pass 30,000 so far in 2021

    In the first half of the year electric cars accounted for 31.4 percent of MG’s sales

    Battery electric vehicle (BEV) uptake in the UK up 110 percent compared to November 2020

    So far this year electric vehicles (EVs) have accounted for over 10 percent of UK car sales