OVO and heycar offering three months free charging and £500 off new and used EVs

  • OVO has partnered with new and used car marketplace heycar, which is running a limited time offer on the sale of its EVs.
  • UK Buyers that switch to OVO as their energy supplier alongside the purchase of their EV can obtain a number of benefits from a limited time.
  • This includes a charging rate of 7p per kWh, £500 cashback against the purchase of the car, and 2,000 miles worth of free charging credit – equivalent to around three months of charging for the average driver.

To take advantage of the UK-based offer, buyers will also need to opt-in to OVO’s free Charge Anytime scheme, which uses algorithms to charge up electric cars at the energy grid’s greenest and cheapest times, whilst ensuring that the car is fully charged at the time you’ll need to use it. The approximately 2,000 miles worth of free charging comes from £50 free credit, which should come out to that figure from the energy consumption of the average EV. You’ll want to move fast, however, as the offer is limited to the first 24 customers who sign up to the benefit. We’ve seen similar free charging perks from some OEMs recently. BMW, for instance, are giving away £750 worth of public charging credit on new Minis and BMWs until the end of the year.

Commenting on the partnership with heycar, Director of EV at OVO, Alex Thwaites, said:

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“We know that the upfront cost of purchasing an EV can be a barrier, so we think this is a great partnership that can hopefully make the switch just that little bit easier for some”.

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