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Gogoro partners with Cycle & Carriage to bring Smartscooters to Singapore

Gogoro partners with Cycle & Carriage (C&C) to launch Smartscooters and battery swapping in Singapore by Q4 2024.Successful pilot with foodpanda; C&C to install GoStations at Shell service stations starting August 2024.Gogoro's network supports over 600,000 riders, has facilitated 600 million battery swaps, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.Gogoro and Cycle & Carriage are rolling...


The EV MPs: Labour’s new emobility Members of Parliament 

Labour MPs Tom Hayes and Perran Moon, with emobility backgrounds, were elected to Parliament on July 4th.Tom Hayes, ex-Oxford City Councillor, played a key role in Oxford’s emobility projects, like the Energy Superhub Oxford.Perran Moon, former Believ CMO and Zapmap consultant, plans to advocate for sustainable transport and green industry development.With Labour’s election landslide comes a host of new MPs, and there are two who those within the emobility industry may recognise…Two new Labour MPs connected to the emobility transition have successfully entered Parliament; Tom Hayes and Perran Moon. Tom Hayes is the former Councillor of Oxford City Council....


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