Eurocell in final discussions to build first European Gigafactory in the Netherlands with a capacity of 40 million cells per year by 2025

    Eurocell, the Anglo-Korean next-generation battery company, has confirmed that it is in advanced discussions to build its first European Gigafactory in the Netherlands. It will supply battery cells to the energy storage and emobility ecosystem across the continent.  Eurocell intends to construct its new Gigafactory in two phases reaching full capacity as early as 2025....

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    Best reasons to drive an electric car

    1. ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS The most important reason to drive a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is that there’s no tailpipe which means zero emissions. This is the biggest bonus in terms of sustainability and a cleaner greener future for the planet.  The average petrol car puts out 180g of CO2 every kilometre, while the diesel equivalent produces 173g of CO2 per kilometre. By driving electric you put out zero CO2 per kilometre and are doing a massive service to protecting the environment and future generations.  2. NEVER WORRY ABOUT FUEL SHORTAGES  With an electric car, you will never have to worry about fuel...
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