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Could Honda’s new EV brand in China spell trouble for BYD?

Honda's new EV brand 'Ye' could challenge the dominance of local players like BYD, unveiling a lineup of electric SUVs and a sleek GT model.With a 10% sales drop in China last year, Honda revs up its presence with the launch of the 'Ye' series, aiming to introduce six new models by 2027.Featuring a...


Driving towards energy patriotism: How heat pumps and EVs keep it local

Heat pumps, insulation, and EVs slash imported fuel use by over half, boosting "energy patriotism" by reducing dependence on foreign fuels.Shifting to these cleaner options not only cuts imported fuel usage but also supports domestic wind and solar energy, strengthening British businesses.Government support for new UK wind farms can further decrease imported energy reliance, with well-insulated homes using significantly less energy, promoting sustainability.The Role of Heat Pumps and EVs in Localising Energy ConsumptionAccording to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), homes equipped with heat pumps, insulation, and EVs significantly slash imported fuel use by over half compared to...


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