Volkswagen UK introduces tools to help first-time EV buyers

  • Volkswagen has updated its UK site to include new tools for both prospective EV buyers and brand new owners.
  • VW introduces a new range calculator that estimates the range of its electric models based on driving conditions, load, and weather.
  • For those who have just picked up a Volkswagen EV, the company has also created a wealth of short YouTube videos giving the rundown on features such as smart charging.

Volkswagen has introduced range simulator considers various criteria for the car, including wheel size and battery capacity, as well as external factors like road types, outside temperature, passenger count, and the status of heating or air conditioning. This all comes out to calculate a real world range for the car.

Volkswagen has also introduced a charging time simulator, which estimates how long it will take to charge a specific EV in a variety of conditions. What’s more, the tool also comprises a running cost calculator – which asks for similar criteria, then calculates an annual running cost with comparisons to equivalent petrol and diesel cars.

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These pre-purchase tools should go some way to fight some of the commonly-touted myths surrounding EV ownership, by providing prospective owners with plain figures and minimal technical jargon. We’ve seen similar tools provided by Toyota, who have provided a range calculator for its new fully-electric bZ4X.

“We hope our new website tools – and the videos on YouTube – take the guesswork out of people’s buying decisions and answer common questions among existing customers,

Prospective EV customers in particular have lots of factors to consider when selecting their first electric car, which is why we developed e-mobility tools to help them understand the day-to-day costs and practicalities of owning an electric Volkswagen.”

Sarah Cox, Head of Marketing, Volkswagen UK

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