Fisker Ocean UK prices dropped by up to £15,000

  • In an effort to win market share in the UK’s increasingly-competitive EV scene, the struggling EV startup Fisker is slashing the prices of its Ocean EV.
  • The offer applies to existing inventory rather than bespoke orders, and is available until all inventory is sold out.
  • The cheapest Fisker Ocean Sport will now be available for just £30,900, making it extremely competitive against rivals such as the Volvo EX30, Renault Megane E-Tech, and Tesla Model Y.

Another attempt for Fisker Ocean sales

Despite only launching the Fisker Ocean in the UK last November, it looks as though stock is struggling to shift with this large price drop. The fully-loaded, 440 miles of range Fisker Ocean Extreme has been cut from £57,900 to £43,900. Meanwhile, Fisker has reduced the Ocean Ultra from £50,900 to £38,900, with the entry-level Ocean Sport dropping from £36,900 to £30,900. This follows a similar strategy from Fisker in the USA, where the price of the Ocean has dropped by as much as 40%.

These offers will position the Ocean as significantly better value than its main competitor, the Tesla Model Y, which starts at £44,990. Potential purchasers may want to move sooner rather than later, however, as Fisker have warned potential buyers of the company’s financial situation, noting that “there is a risk of limited support and limited services for the vehicles”, and that “buyers must expect a permanent loss of the enforceability of claims for material defects and warranty claims”.

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This price drop should also translate into cheaper used Fiskers for those looking on sites such as Auto Trader. Although the recent arrival of Fisker to the UK hasn’t allowed prices on used models to drop too much just yet, over in the states, car review site Edmunds found that their $69,000 Fisker Ocean was worth just $21,000 two months later.

You can take a look at Fisker’s discounted UK inventory here.

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