Farage barrage leads to huge social media response

  • Ade Thomas, Founder of Green.TV, owned the GB News stage in a showdown with Nigel Farage, highlighting the importance of engaging with such influencers to combat baseless criticisms against the EV community.
  • The airing stormed GB News, grabbing attention with extraordinary social media buzz, surpassing traditional outlets and pulling in 176,000 viewers – outshining half of Farage’s GB News records.
  • GB News’ soaring popularity marks it as a pivotal stage for thought leaders like Ade, challenging negativity surrounding cutting-edge tech and stressing the critical role of accurate information.

Ade Thomas takes on Nigel Farage, shaping the conversation on EVs and media influence

In a recent showdown on GB News, Ade Thomas, Founder of Green.TV, went head-to-head with Nigel Farage in an interview that caught the attention of viewers and social media alike. The exchange not only revealed Ade’s prowess in steering through intense discussions, but also emphasised the increasing influence of GB News in the media scene. It highlighted the significance of engaging with such outlets, especially amidst unfounded criticisms that have unfairly targeted the EV community in recent times.

The social media buzz following the interview was truly exceptional. Ade’s presence on the show gained substantial attention, with the airing outshining traditional news outlets like BBC News, Sky News, and Talk TV in ratings. It drew an impressive average of 176,000 viewers, a noteworthy feat that surpassed over half of Farage’s highest viewing figures on GB News – coincidentally all happening on the day Ade Thomas made his mark on the show.

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The rising popularity of GB News highlights its role as a crucial platform for thought leaders like Ade to address and counter the prevailing negativity surrounding cutting-edge technologies like EVs. Strategic engagement with such outlets takes on added significance, especially when confronted with groundless criticisms that have unjustly plagued the EV community in recent times.

Ade, with his composed demeanour and fact-based approach, effectively represented the EV community in the face of unfounded criticism. Throughout the interview, he held his ground against one of the most formidable adversaries in the media landscape.

The crux of the matter lies in the misrepresentation and misinformation propagated by certain factions within the right-wing press. The pursuit of sustainability and the necessary radical changes appear to be unsettling for reactionary forces, prompting a resistance against it. Ade was able to counter this trend, underscoring the significance of delivering accurate information to the public.

Farage dodged Brexit’s impact on domestic EV manufacturing. The hindrances caused by Brexit pose a significant obstacle to industry growth. Neglecting these challenges jeopardises the development of a robust and competitive local EV manufacturing sector. Ade Thomas’s GB News appearance provided a rarely seen, and refreshingly candid, well-informed debate on these critical issues. 

Ade’s appearance on GB News serves as a beacon of hope for the EV community. By tackling misinformation with composure and water-tight industry knowledge, he demonstrated the importance of engaging with influential individuals to promote sustainability and counter the challenges faced by the EV industry. It’s a testament to the power of informed communication in navigating the evolving landscape of media and public discourse.

View the full interview here.

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