Audi UK set to plug into direct EV sales

  • Audi UK is set to launch a BEV retail agency model, in which its ever-growing range of electric vehicles will be sold directly to the consumer, rather than through the traditional route of dealer franchises.
  • Following in the steps of Tesla, who have been selling cars through the agency model ever since it launched in the UK in 2014, other OEMs are also set to follow Audi.
  • The agency model should make EV sales simpler, with set retail prices and no need to haggle, and is attractive to OEMs due to the lower distribution costs.

Audi starts selling direct-to-consumer

Traditionally, Audi UK has sold its vehicles through a number of franchise partners, for example Sytner, Jardine Motors Group, and Mon Motors. However, Audi UK Director, Andrew Doyle, broke the news that the company is “gearing up” to launch the model. So, in the very near future, UK customers will be able to buy Audi’s BEV range directly from Audi’s online website, offering a similar buying experience to the system adopted by brands such as Tesla and Mercedes-Benz, as well as countless used dealers who offer wholly-online transactions. This EV agency model is taking place across the Volkswagen Group, with the same arrangements in place for electric models from brands including Volkswagen, Cupra, and Skoda.

Consumers will still be able to purchase and collect Audi EVs through dealerships in person if they wish, keeping choices open. We should see more and more manufacturers bring this option to market over the coming years, with Mercedes-Benz UK also on board with a similar model.

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Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK, commented on the imminent launch of the agency model:

“Over the past few weeks, the amazing Audi Direct Sales Team headed up by Warren Richards, have been putting in the miles up and down the country, hosting roadshows for over 1,000 of our network colleagues to have an open dialogue and create a sense of togetherness about one of the most profound transformations in our sales strategy.”

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