Are ‘Managed Introductions’ the best kept secret of business development?

Starting a new job is always slightly daunting, or that’s what I thought before I joined the team at Green.TV.

It transpires that, just a few days in, I feel right at home. Where I belong. Doing what I’ve missed. Waking up with a renewed sense of purpose. Surrounded by the most amazing people, all with sustainability and electric vehicles coursing through their DNA.

Coming from 25 years in business, I’ve traversed the worlds of law, environmental technologies, power engineering, energy networks, data-driven EV innovation, insurance, EV leasing and management consulting. No matter what my role, I enjoy bringing together people and projects to make good things happen. I understand that budgets can be tight when it comes to marketing spend, and yet marketing is essential to raise brand awareness and ultimately engage and nurture customers; and I know that effective business development lies at the heart of many successful enterprises. So what if these two fundamental elements of marketing and business development are coupled together – with all the hard work done for you? 

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That’s exactly what I’ve uncovered at Green.TV, through its Managed Introductions packages, designed to accelerate your business development. We do the hard work for you, acting as an additional resource for your business. This may be Green.TV’s best kept secret.

Managed Introductions would have been music to my ears in my previous working lives. The prospect of someone doing the groundwork, matching up business proposition with potential (qualified) clients and arranging meetings – what an absolute dream proposal.

Back to the detail. 

Managed Introductions comes in three packages.

The first two packages are inextricably linked to the EV SUMMIT in Oxford, 15-16 July, and are all sold out, which immediately demonstrates its popularity. We’re looking forward to replicating this success at the U.S. EV SUMMIT on 15 October in Austin, Texas. 

So let’s focus on Managed Introductions 24, which is decoupled from the EV SUMMIT. This package provides your business with a dedicated account manager to match your business needs with potential clients. It provides access to our 25k strong database of contacts, via your account manager, across a full 12 months business development support, with 24 meetings in total guaranteed.

Aligned to this we can provide a turnkey marketing and PR function for your business, as well as public affairs support. 

If I were still on the other side of the fence, I’d be jumping at the chance for Green.TV to spin up into action and help deliver tangible outcomes for my business. As it is, I’d love to talk with you about how we can help your business grow. Please get in touch on 

Tickets are still available for the EV SUMMIT in Oxford, 15-16 July, but are going fast!

Contact me for a discount, or to talk about the inaugural U.S. EV SUMMIT in Texas on 15 October.

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