The BYD Qin Plus Honor Edition: The $15,000 EV that’s making waves in the automotive market

  • The $15,000 BYD Qin Plus EV, sparking a price war and challenging traditional petrol vehicles and budget EVs.
  • Top-selling global EV maker BYD expands into new segments and markets, diversifying from low-cost to ultra-luxury models.
  • Qin Plus EV, emphasising affordability, reliability, and performance in reshaping the global auto industry.

BYD launches a $15,000 game-changer in the Qin Plus Honor Edition

Chinese automaker, BYD, has thrown down the gauntlet with its Qin Plus EV Honor Edition at a price tag of $15,000. The announcement marks the initiation of a price war with traditional petrol-powered vehicles. Not to mention it undercuts most budget EVs.

Having clinched the title of the top-selling global EV maker in Q4, BYD is determined to sustain its momentum throughout 2024. Earlier this month, reported plans shed light on the company’s ambitious agenda, outlining a concerted effort to expand into new EV segments and global markets.

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BYD has traditionally been synonymous with low-cost EVs such as the Dolphin and Atto 3. However, the manufacturer is producing options across the board. The Yangwang ultra-luxury brand, introduced in January, features models with starting prices around $140,000. Also, the U7 sedan is equipped with a quad-motor system boasting nearly 1,300 horsepower and a formidable 500-mile CLTC range. Diversification is key. 

Now, BYD introduce the Qin Plus Honor Edition, positioned strategically to disrupt the automotive market. Priced at $15,000, the EV is a very attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. The EV features a 100 kW motor and battery options ranging from 48 kWh to 57.6 kWh. That provides CLTC ranges of 261 to 316 miles.

Mobility consultant James Carter perceives the Qin Plus as a potential game-changer, he wrote:

“The new BYD Qin Plus EV Honor Edition is the car that makes EVs way cheaper than ICE vehicles and blows open the mainstream market.

Today, most buyers want a good, solid reliable car that has some nice features and doesn’t cost too much. For the past 50 years, this has meant Toyota Motor Corporation Corolla, and it’s for that reason it has been the world’s top-selling vehicle for decades.

However, if there’s a vehicle that costs even less to buy, and far less to run, while retaining solid and reliable qualities, it will be a huge hit.

Enter the BYD Qin Plus.

Incumbent OEMs: Your nightmare begins today.”

As BYD asserts the dawn of a new era where electricity is economically superior to oil, the automotive industry may find itself at the precipice of transformation. The BYD Qin Plus EV Honor Edition, with its emphasis on affordability, reliability, and performance, could wield a substantial influence, reshaping the contours of the global auto industry.

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