The EV SUMMIT 2023: propelling EV infrastructure with local authorities

  • EV SUMMIT 2023: Addressing the UK EV infrastructure challenge, especially for residents without driveways.
  • Side events with government representatives to promote engagement and equity in EV infrastructure.

The EV SUMMIT 2023 local authority side events for improving UK EV infrastructure 

Easy and reliable access to EV infrastructure is essential for widespread adoption. According to Kerbo Charge, an estimated 40% of UK residents don’t have access to a driveway. That’s a huge roadblock for the rollout of emobility. 

To install charging infrastructure, engaging with local authorities is key. That’s why the EV SUMMIT is welcoming representatives from local authorities,  the Department for Transport (DfT)  and the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to deliver in two EV SUMMIT sessions. These events will run as part of the EV SUMMIT on the 30-31st October. 

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Tuesday 31st October – 10.00 – 11.30

Achieving the ‘Goldilocks contract’ for public EV Infrastructure Investment (EVI)

This round table session will explore strategies for fostering healthy competition in the EV infrastructure sector. The discussion will focus on providing charging options for individuals without home charging access, promoting innovation, and ensuring equity as charging networks expand.

The session will feature participants from various sectors, including central and local government, devolved governments, competition regulators, finance experts, investors, Charge Point Operators, aggregators, academia, and consumer representatives.

Tuesday 31st October – 14.00 – 15.00

LEVI business models and approaches – how to determine best value; a learn and share session

In this side event, three presentations will be delivered by representatives from local authorities, each detailing their respective Low-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) programs.

Matthew Ling from Suffolk County Council will present the Community Based Project, outlining their business models and approach. 

Bharat Pathania from Midlands Connect will discuss the Multi LA approach, emphasizing collaboration between different local authorities. 

Martin Schäferbarthold from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will present the Cluster member methodology, focusing on utilizing other landlords’ land for public Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVI).

Additionally, there will be a presentation from Oxford University’s Hannah Budnitz on their research into innovative and inclusive policies and infrastructure for emobility.

Following these presentations, there will be a question and answer session for further discussion and insights.

The last few delegate passes are still available if you’re interested in engaging with some of the most forward-thinking local authorities in the country. 

In-person spaces are disappearing fast, but if you’re unable to make it to Oxford, you can purchase an online pass. Crucially, online attendees still gain access to the Digital Introductions app. 

Secure your delegate pass today to attend the UK’s leading emobility business forum. 

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