Jaguar Land Rover opens a £250 million EV test facility

  • Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) unveils £250 million EV test facility in Coventry, UK.
  • The facility focuses on Electric Drive Unit (EDU) development for JLR’s upcoming pure electric models.
  • The investment creates 350 new jobs, empowers local economy, and aligns with JLR’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Jaguar Land Rover will develop next generation vehicles at their cutting-edge EV test facility

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has unveiled its cutting-edge £250 million Future Energy Lab. This state-of-the-art EV test facility is situated in Whitley, Coventry. Over £40 million worth of cutting-edge technology equips the 323,000 sq. ft. space, enabling swift and rigorous testing of EVs.

The lab will primarily develop Electric Drive Units (EDUs) for JLR’s next-generation EV models. This line-up will include pure electric versions of Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar models.

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Thomas Mueller, Executive Director of Product Engineering, JLR, said:

“Our vehicles are, and continue to be, at the forefront of an all-electric automotive future. This facility, a core component of our Reimagine strategy, is essential to providing the advanced testing capabilities that will be vital to the performance and reliability of the modern luxury vehicles we are proudly developing.”

This strategic investment has not only led to the creation of 350 new jobs but has also placed more than 200 EV engineers at the forefront of innovation. An additional 150 positions are set to be filled, marking a significant boost to the regional economy. The facility boasts extreme-weather climate chambers capable of replicating conditions ranging from -40°C to 55°C, ensuring thorough and comprehensive testing.

Of notable significance is JLR’s Range Rover BEV, the brand’s upcoming EV model, currently undergoing extensive testing within the lab. This cutting-edge facility is part of JLR’s broader £15 billion initiative to electrify its luxury brands. By focusing on in-house development of EDUs, JLR gains greater control over its supply chain, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, commented:

“We have been steadfast in our ambition to place our region right at the forefront of both automotive excellence and the transition to electric vehicle production.

Today’s brilliant news from JLR vindicates our ambition. With the opening of this new Future Energy Lab in Coventry – a multi-million pound investment in engineering – JLR are doubling down on their commitment to electrification in the months and years ahead.

This announcement also means that local people stand to benefit hugely – equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in this sector and the employment opportunities to match.”

The new lab stands as a testament to JLR’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Moreover, the EV test facility supports the region’s economy while equipping local residents with valuable skills and employment opportunities. This ethos aligns seamlessly with JLR’s vision for a greener automotive future.

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