Wallbox and Octopus Energy Group join forces to make EV charging more efficient and affordable across the UK

  • The collaboration and recent integration will enable all Wallbox customers to join the ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ tariff enabling affordable and eco-friendly UK EV charging.
  • EV drivers save over £600 yearly with customized, green charging schedules, fostering sustainability and significant cost savings.
  • Intelligent Octopus Go manages the UK’s largest virtual power plant, surpassing grid batteries at 500MW.

Wallbox and Octopus Energy’s smart EV charging solutions have the power to save the UK’s drivers hundreds of pounds annually

The integration of Wallbox’s cutting-edge technology, specifically their Pulsar Max smart home charger, with Octopus Energy’s ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ tariff, promises substantial benefits for EV drivers. 

Wallbox customers join the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff for smart EV charging.

This innovative tariff enables EVs to charge during periods when the grid electricity is both the cheapest and greenest. For consumers, this translates into significant cost savings, with potential savings exceeding £600 annually. But it doesn’t stop there; the ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ app empowers users to customize charging targets, putting control firmly in their hands.

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Beyond individual savings, the partnership delivers a profound environmental impact. Octopus Energy’s Kraken platform is the technological backbone of ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’. It automates charging during peak renewable energy periods, preventing millions of tons of CO2 emissions. Moreover, this smart system supports the national grid, enhancing both reliability and stability, all while slashing energy costs.

Ashley McFadden, Wallbox Sales Team Lead, states: 

“We are proud to announce the partnership with Octopus to implement smart solutions and avoid having to meet increased demand with fossil fuels.

Parliament states that demand for electricity will increase by about 50% by 2035. We believe that EVs will determine a large share of it”.

What sets this collaboration apart is its scale. ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ now manages the largest virtual power plant in the UK, employing electric vehicles to a capacity of 500MW. This surpasses even the grid’s most substantial battery, marking a monumental leap toward greener energy solutions.

Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility at Octopus Energy, commented:

“We created ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ to keep charging costs for EV drivers as low as possible, saving them hundreds of pounds each year whilst taking pressure off the grid by charging their cars when it is greenest. Going green isn’t only good for the planet, it’s also good for your pocket, and we’re thrilled that these super cheap rates are now also available to Wallbox customers”

In a world grappling with climate change, this collaboration serves as a beacon. It illuminates the path toward sustainable and economical EV charging solutions. As consumers gain control over their energy consumption, the joint efforts of Wallbox and Octopus Energy stand as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping a cleaner, greener future.

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