OVO launches new OVO Beyond programme for energy savings and 100 free EV miles every month

  • OVO introduces OVO Beyond, a groundbreaking rewards programme promoting sustainability.
  • Features an ‘Energy Savings Account’ offering 100 free EV miles monthly for 2 years.
  • Empowers users with discounts on energy bills, personalized energy insights, and exclusive eco-friendly product discounts.

OVO unveils its new rewards programme, OVO Beyond.

OVO Beyond introduces the concept of an ‘Energy Savings Account’, allowing users to accumulate bankable credits. Adding to the rewards is the offer of 100 free electric vehicle (EV) miles every month for the next two years. That totals an impressive 2,400 miles. 

Powered by Kaluza’s cutting-edge software, this programme incentivises emobility by rewarding users with credits redeemable for EV adoption, solar panel installation, and other green initiatives.

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The service offers discounts on energy bills and enhanced insights into home energy usage. Plus, users gain access to services like boiler maintenance and exclusive discounts. These discounts include smart thermostats and plumbing repairs.

OVO has partnered with leading brands such as tado, Oddbox, and Uber Green as further incentives. Together, they offer users exclusive discounts of up to 35% on eco-friendly products and services.

To qualify, users need to have a smart meter and pay via Direct Debit. Once enrolled, they gain access to all short and long-term offers. 

This service marks a significant milestone in the energy industry’s sustainability efforts. For users to consider the switch, the tools and platforms must be user-friendly and beneficial. In offering this new service, OVO is endeavouring to make an EV lifestyle work for everyone. 

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