Volkswagen ID.3 electric car now available in the UK

Volkswagen’s much awaited ID.3 all-electric car is now hitting the showrooms in the United Kingdom. The ID.3 marks the start of a new era for the German brand with a completely new car with its own individual styling and an all-electric motor with zero emissions. This could be a game changer for VW like they’ve had in the past with models like the Beetle and Golf. It certainly looks like it has some of their DNA in its neat lines.

This curvy five-door family-sized hatchback is available with three different battery options 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh. The largest battery 77 kWh sized model will offer an impressive 340-mile (550) range from a full charge, while the 58 kWh offers 260 miles (420km) and the 45kWh delivers 205 miles (330km).

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Fast chargers can also be used when out and about, and the middle 58 kWh battery model can recharge to a range of around 260 miles (km) in 30 minutes in quick charge mode with DC (direct current) 100 kW fast charger. The ID.3 is a nimble little car that’s a solid performer and the First Edition model can drive from 0-62mph (0-100kph) in 7.3 seconds

Inside it feels light and airy, and there’s plenty of space for four adults with its 1,267-litre seating area, and there’s ample space in the 385-litre boot area. It’s a well-balanced family car with all the gadgets that drives well. It’s fun and easy to manoeuvre, yet small enough to be practical in town situations and is simple to park. Plus, it has the looks to boot, but being a Volkswagen you do a pay premium for all of this. Price aside, we think that this car could be hit with VW fans everywhere.

Prices for the First Edition ID.3 start from £38,880 before the £3,000 government plug-in car grant. Orders for the new ID.3 are now being taken around the UK including main dealers Citygate and Marshall.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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