hits major milestone with 3,000 public charge points across the UK

  • British company installs 3,000th public EV charge point, advancing EV accessibility.
  • Expansion efforts target on-street charging infrastructure, with capacity for 400 monthly installations.
  • Supported by government funds, aims to empower over one million drivers to embrace EVs by 2030. installs its 3,000th public EV charger in the UK

British charge point operator,, has reached a significant milestone in its mission to democratise electric vehicle (EV) ownership. The installation of its 3,000th public charge point works towards the company’s goal of addressing the 40% of UK households without off-street parking.

Situated in Lambeth, South London, the 3,000th charge point is part of’s extensive UK-wide network. 

- Advertisement - is intensifying its efforts to expand on-street charging infrastructure. They boast the capacity to install an impressive 400 charge points every month. This accelerated rollout comes at a time when accessible charging solutions are increasingly vital, aligning with the country’s sustainable commitments.

The installation of on-street chargers receives significant support from the £381 million Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund, established in 2023. This fund drives the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, particularly in areas where off-street parking is limited.’s users benefit from cost-saving initiatives such as the night saver tariff. This tariff offers reduced rates for overnight charging, making EV ownership more affordable. These incentives also encourage environmentally conscious charging habits.

John Lewis, CEO of, commented:

“Our aim is to level the playing field for EV adoption by creating parity between drivers that have access to off-street parking and those that don’t. With the installation of our 3,000th charge point and our ambitious growth plans, is playing an ever more important role in encouraging more people to embrace EVs, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.”

The milestone achievement and ambitious growth plans make an essential part of the UK’s EV infrastructure. Given the rapid rate of deployment, we can expect more milestones coming very soon.

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