Schneider Electric streamlines EV charging with three new solutions 

  • Schneider Electric unveils emobility solutions: EVlink Pro DC, Schneider Charge, and EcoStruxure for EV Advisor
  • Solutions tackle EV adoption barriers: fast charging and user-friendly home solutions.
  • Aimed at driving electric transportation transition, enhancing reliability and convenience for drivers

Schneider Electric expands its emobility solutions offerings with three new charging enhancements

Schneider Electric has unveiled groundbreaking emobility solutions to drive the electric vehicle (EV) revolution forward. The company recently revealed three innovative products: innovative products: EVlink Pro DC 180kW charging stations, Schneider Charge for home EV charging, and EcoStruxure for eMobility EV Advisor, a comprehensive management platform.

These solutions tackle the key challenges hindering widespread EV adoption head-on. For instance, EV Advisor, part of the EcoStruxure platform, boasts real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities. Operators can closely monitor performance, energy consumption, and operational efficiency. Therefore, they can identify and resolve issues to minimise charging downtime.

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Schneider Electric’s EVlink Pro DC chargers offer lightning-fast charging speeds. Vehicles can reach 80% charge in just 20 minutes, thanks to dynamic power allocation. This optimises energy delivery to each vehicle based on its needs. That reduces power loss across charging stations and gets fleet vehicles back on the road faster.

With over half of EV owners worldwide lacking a home charging solution, Schneider Charge aims to fill this gap. It allows users to schedule and monitor charging sessions, saving on electricity costs with dynamic tariffs.

Moreover, Schneider Electric is addressing the EV infrastructure skills shortage. By partnering with Qmerit, the company is expanding its reach into European markets. This partnership ensures that customers have access to expert installers who can guarantee the seamless setup of charging infrastructure.

Nadège Petit, Chief Innovation Officer at Schneider Electric, commented:

“We’re delighted to launch our eMobility solutions for faster, more reliable and convenient EV charging both at home and on the go. Our new open platform software, EV Advisor, in conjunction with our EVlink Pro DC chargers, means operators can now benefit from a fully integrated solution to manage their networks.  This helps them maintain uptime, removing EV drivers’ concerns about charge station reliability while on the road. Schneider Charge increases convenience for EV owners even further, bringing the full potential of EV charging to the home.

Solutions like these are vital to addressing the biggest challenges to EV adoption, such as fast and reliable charging, and the management, control and installation of infrastructure. As demand for charging stations rises with the uptake of EVs, it has never been more important that our customers ‘stay in the driving seat’ when it comes to managing their own infrastructure.”

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