The Dacia Spring will be the UK’s cheapest EV at £14,995

  • Dacia Spring: UK’s cheapest EV at £14,995, challenging market norms.
  • Pre-order with a £99 deposit, ensuring affordability.
  • Debut in October with an enticing range, sparking a new era in EV accessibility.

The Dacia Spring will be the pinnacle of EV affordability, taking the fight to the UK’s leading manufacturers

Dacia has just unveiled pricing for its latest offering – the All-New Dacia Spring. It takes the crown as the most cost-effective electric car in the UK, entering the scene with a starting price of just £14,995. This figure places it thousands of pounds below its closest rival. It even secures its position among the top 10 most economical cars in the UK, regardless of powertrain.

Available for pre-order with a £99 deposit, this EV challenges the high prices which are hindering the UK’s EV growth. Dacia continues this legacy with a vehicle that shatters traditional pricing barriers for emobility.

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Debuting on UK roads in October, the electric supermini boasts an intriguing range of up to 137 miles (WLTP mixed cycle) or an impressive 186 miles (WLTP urban cycle). Crucially, its 26.8 kWh battery can be replenished from 20% to 100% in four hours using a 7kW wall box.

Trimmed in either Expression or Extreme, Dacia’s All-New Spring makes no compromises on affordability. The Expression model is available in both 45 hp and a more potent 65 hp/48 kW motor. It features practical essentials such as a 7-inch digital instrument cluster, cruise control, and rear parking sensors. Meanwhile, the Extreme variant is exclusively matched with the 65 hp/48 kW powertrain.

For early adopters, the appeal lies not just in the low price but in the added bonus of choice. Pre-order customers are offered a complimentary £250 charge pass or the same amount towards accessories or a home charger through Mobilize Power Solutions.

Dacia’s UK Brand Director, Luke Broad, commented:

“Spring has played a key part in widespread adoption of EVs across Europe and, with a price that is even lower than speculated, we’re confident it will continue the success story in the UK. We have listened to the concerns of UK drivers regarding accessing EVs, ensuring it not only has an unprecedented price but affordability that doesn’t come at the expense of durability, equipment or usability. Quite simply, there’s no other new EV currently on sale that offers so much for so little.”

As pre-orders gain momentum, the automotive landscape can anticipate a significant disruption when the All-New Dacia Spring makes its much-anticipated arrival on UK roads later this year. It joins the ongoing EV pricing battle as major manufacturers endeavour to make their EVs more attractive to adopters. The lowering costs will be essential to encouraging the next wave of adoption, the early mainstream. The Dacia Spring is a worthy opponent to BYD’s upcoming Yuan Up and the Smart #1 Pro. Tesla are working on a much-anticipated low-cost Tesla Model 2 which is sure to shake up the landscape. So, who will come out on top?

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