Tesla Model 2: All we know about the upcoming cheapest Tesla yet 

  • A cheaper, Golf-sized alternative to the Tesla Model 3, understood to be called the Model 2, is likely to arrive in 2025 with a price around the £25,000 / $25,000 mark.
  • The Model 2 would compete with other sub-£30k EVs such as the MG4 EV and the BYD Dolphin, as well as future models such as the Volkswagen ID.2
  • Here’s everything we know about the Tesla Model 2, so far.

The concept of a Tesla Model 2 has been in the rumour mill for a while, but with Musk last year confirming a low-cost Tesla is on the way, further backed up by sources last month that the company is in the early stages of production for a mass-market EV, this cheapest Tesla yet could arrive as soon as next year.


The Model 2 will initially be built at the company’s Gigafactory in Texas, but a second production line in Mexico for the budget electric car will follow. It’s likely that the EV will be a world model, which explains why rumours have been floating around of production facilities in India and Berlin, reducing import tariffs and keeping the price of the Model 2 down around the globe.

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Musk has said that the production line for the Model 2 will be “far in advance of any automotive plant on earth”, and these new production methods will contribute to the EV’s low price tag target.

Performance and Range

Tesla has never skimped on battery range or acceleration even on its previous entry level models, and we expect the Model 2 will be no different. One of the Model 2’s rivals, the MG4 EV, can manage up to 323 miles of range in its highest guise, so we expect Tesla will target at least 250 miles of range for the Model 2.

Like its other EVs, you’ll likely be able to buy more expensive models with added range and more power. We’ll wait to see if the company releases a performance-oriented Model 2 to compete with the likes of the Alpine A290 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 N.


Slotting in below the Model 3 mid-size saloon, the Model 2 will take a hatchback form – confirmed by teaser silhouettes released by Tesla last year. This should still mean seating for five and a sizable boot, making it a feasible family EV too.


The cheapest Model 3 available right now comes in at £39,990 / $35,990, but the Model 2 should be significantly cheaper at around £25,000 / $25,000. Of course, being a world car, prices could differ significantly from country to country.

Even at this low price, prospective EV buyers in the UK might be swayed by some of the bargainous used EV deals available in the country – particularly on the more expensive Model 3.

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