Milence unveils Megawatt ambitions for its latest electric truck charging hub in Åstorp, Sweden

  • Milence unveils new electric truck charging hub in Åstorp, Sweden.
  • Strategically located near E4 motorway, part of Helsingborg logistics region.
  • Features cutting-edge CCS chargers, with plans for future integration of MCS chargers, and enhanced amenities for drivers.

Milence has announced its latest venture in Sweden: a cutting-edge charging hub in Åstorp, Sweden

Milence is building the hub amidst the bustling Helsingborg logistics region, near the E4 motorway. That makes the site crucial for spreading emobility along the high-traffic Malmö-Gothenburg route. The hub follows from Milence’s similar developments in the region.

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The hub’s development will unfold in two phases. 

Phase one kicks off with four charging bays featuring Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers. With a capacity of up to 400 kW, these chargers supply rapid charging for heavy-duty vehicles and buses. That’s an essential consideration along the busy haulage route. This phase is set for completion by November 2024.

Phase two expands the site to a total of eleven charging bays. In addition to the CCS chargers, Milence plans to integrate Megawatt Charging System (MCS) chargers into the hub’s arsenal.

Megawatt chargers are becoming integral to the electric haulage world. With successful tests completed by Kempower and Siemens, the units will be truly revolutionary to making electric trucking feasible worldwide.

In addition to its charging, the hub will host a suite of amenities for drivers. From lounge areas to showers and essential restroom facilities, it’s easy to see how charging time can directly correlate to increased driver wellbeing.

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Milence, commented:

“With the launch of our third Swedish charging hub in Åstorp, we are on the move, and I am delighted to accelerate the expansion of our network in the Nordics. Strategically located in the Helsingborg logistics region, close to the E4 motorway, this new hub reinforces our commitment to establishing high-performance green corridors across Europe. We have ambitious plans to further expand our network to several key locations to ensure that all electric trucks have a reliable and accessible public network where they can charge.”

As a collaboration between automotive giants Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP, and the Volvo Group, Milence plays a vital role in HGV electrification. We’re excited to add that Roel Vissers, Chief Commercial Officer of Milence, is joining the EV SUMMIT 2024 as a Keynote Speaker. Opening day two of the summit, Roel will dig into the challenges Milence has faced and its solutions for overcoming them, in the company’s expansion across Europe. Get your delegate pass here to join.

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