Kempower introduces its Megawatt Charging System for Europe’s electric trucks

  • Kempower launches Megawatt Charging System for electric trucks in Europe.
  • Compatible with high-power CCS plug and MCS plug.
  • Dynamic charging optimises power distribution, enhancing efficiency.

Kempower launches its game-changing Megawatt Charging System to superpower Europe’s trucking industry

Kempower’s Megawatt Charging System for electric trucks is now available in Europe. This development comes amid increasing efforts to tackle significant trucking emissions from the continent. 

With a peak power of 1.2 MW, the Megawatt Charging System is crucial for the EU’s decarbonisation agenda. Its design prioritises compatibility, offering options for both high-power CCS plug and MCS plug. This ensures versatility and ease of integration within existing charging infrastructure.

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A notable feature of Kempower’s system is its dual approach. It accommodates both MCS and High-Power CCS technologies. This strategy is particularly relevant in scenarios where rapid bursts of high power are required. For example, during on-the-move and destination charging operations.

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, commented:

“Trucks and large vehicles are currently responsible for around 25% of the CO2 emissions generated by road transport in the EU. This is a challenge that all players in our ecosystem, public and private, must face together, joining efforts and developing solutions to co-create a cleaner and quieter world. In this sense, we believe that our Megawatt Charging System provides a part of the answer to the EU’s decarbonisation goals,” 

Industry forecasts paint an optimistic outlook for the electric truck market. They suggest that by 2040, 85% of new trucks sold in key markets like Europe, the US, and China will be zero-emission vehicles. This supports the growing momentum towards sustainable transportation solutions. That momentum is materialising in multiple schemes and projects around the globe.

Kempower’s Megawatt Charging System represents a significant stride in the electrification of transportation. It offers a practical solution to the challenges of decarbonising heavy-duty vehicles. This comes soon after ABB E-mobility successfully tested its first high-powered truck charger. As electrifying the trucking sector became a more pressing issue, this battle over charging supremacy is going to hot up.

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