Bristol Television and Film Services Limited (BTFS) selected to join BAFTA’s albert sustainable productions official suppliers list with electric vehicles playing a key part

    Bristol Television and Film Services Limited (BTFS), the Bristol-based television and film facilities business, has been selected to join BAFTA’s albert Sustainable Productions Official Suppliers list having presented their 2022 ‘Sustainability Drive’ programme.

    BTFS are one of the most established television and film facilities companies in the UK having supported location-based productions for over 30 years. Occupying a medium size position in the market, BTFS believe they are the perfect business to spearhead the essential shift to environmental operations in the industry with multiple green technology introductions. Part of this change will involve employing modern zero-emissions electric vehicles (EVs) on sets.

    Brian Baker, BTFS chairman and CEO, said: “We’ve been looking at the challenges for the facilities industry to provide an environmental and sustainability focused service to productions.

    “At the beginning of 2022 we decided that we wanted Bristol Television and Film Services to lead the industry in that specific direction.  So, we’ve developed a plan which we’ve named our ‘Sustainability Drive’ and being included onto the albert Official Suppliers list was the first step on the ladder.”

    BTFS submitted a sustainability policy to BAFTA, which now forms the core of the Sustainability Drive programme, and is featured on their revised website. The new programme sees the introduction of newly designed lightweight electric vehicles utilising highly innovative electric vehicle technology applications in an industry known for its commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.  

    Alternative fuel and energy sources, including hydrogen, will also be introduced into the BTFS fleet which currently numbers some 160 vehicles including large and urban artic tractor units, artist trailers, wardrobe and make-up trucks, mobile toilets, dining busses and production offices. This will be a huge change and deliver big carbons savings annually.

    Baker added: “We have a very strong engineering capability within the company as well as comprehensive transport operations.

    “We’ve recruited a new Sustainability and Special Projects Director to the business whose focus is on helping productions deliver a significantly reduced carbon output and evaluating new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid technology options to be the most environmental and sustainability dedicated facilities company operating in the market.”

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    Ian Osborne
    Ian Osborne
    Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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