Nissan and Silence partner to bring electric micro-mobility solutions to the streets

  • Nissan partners with Silence, a European electric micro-mobility brand, under its new business plan “The Arc.”
  • Distribution rights secured for Silence’s Nano S04 and e-motorcycles, launching in France, Italy, and Germany from June.
  • The collaboration democratises emobility, offering diverse charging options and catering to urban commuting needs.

Nissan leaps into the world of electric micro-mobility with Silence partnership

Nissan has partnered with Silence, a European electric micro-mobility brand owned by ACCIONA. Under Nissan’s new business plan, “The Arc,” the alliance bolsters competitiveness and foster growth within the EV sector.

Central to this collaboration is Nissan’s acquisition of distribution rights for Silence’s product line. The initial focal point is the Silence Nano S04 and e-motorcycles. These offerings are set to roll out in June 2024 in France and Italy, followed by Germany in September 2024.

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Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at Nissan AMIEO, commented:

We believe the future is electric…but to make that future a reality, we have to do more to make it as inclusive as possible, available to all. Through this significant new partnership with ACCIONA, we’re ensuring that many more people can experience the power and excitement of electric mobility and take the first step on their EV journey. Opening access to Silence’s diverse range of brilliant, alternative products creates new and exciting possibilities for customers who are eager to join the EV revolution – combining clean mobility with cutting-edge technology, in functional and flexible vehicles.”

Silence’s S04 Nanocar, available in L6e and L7e variants, promises impressive electric ranges spanning 149km to 175km. Paired with speeds of up to 85km/h, these vehicles cater to the demands of urban commuting with finesse.

Charging the S04 Nanocar offers users a gamut of options. These include direct charging, battery swapping, or home or office charging via a removable battery pack. At its core, this partnership underscores Nissan’s commitment to democratising emobility, making it accessible to a broader spectrum of consumers.

The collaboration highlights Nissan’s strategy of leveraging synergistic partnerships to drive business growth and innovation. By offering consumers a diverse array of cleaner, more intelligent mobility solutions, Nissan aims to expedite the transition to electric vehicles while remaining responsive to the evolving needs of urban populations.

Carlos Sotelo, CEO of ACCIONA’s mobility business and Silence, stated:

“The needs of drivers in today’s towns and cities are changing – their commute, their attitudes to mobility, and what constitutes a realistic and efficient way for them to get around urban areas. To respond to this, we need to think smarter, smaller and lighter. Silence’s light electric vehicles (EV), partnered with Nissan’s strong distribution network, offers new, exciting, and clever options for urban mobility in Europe, shaping a more sustainable future.”

Plans are underway to expand the range of micro-mobility options, promising to redefine urban transportation paradigms. As city centres gradually diminish car use, eyes turn to the alternatives. Micro-mobility is the shining light for urban centres, with many solutions such as ebikes working excellently in cities globally. Nissan’s step into this domain marks a pivotal leap for the brand, as well as a vote of confidence in this compact technology.

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