Toyota HomeCharge: British Gas and Toyota’s affordable and streamlined home charging solution

  • British Gas and Toyota introduce Toyota HomeCharge for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • New buyers enjoy free ABB Terra 3 home charger installation until July 1, 2024, by British Gas engineers.
  • Toyota HomeCharge, available for £1,095 starting May, integrates with the MyToyota app for user-friendly charging management.

Toyota and British Gas join forces to unveil Toyota HomeCharge, a hassle-free charging solution

British Gas and Toyota have collaborated to introduce the Toyota HomeCharge. Until to the first of July 2024, buyers of new Toyota electric cars or vans will enjoy a complimentary ABB Terra 3 home charger installation by British Gas engineers. 

Beginning in May, the Toyota HomeCharge will be available at any Toyota centre for £1,095. The partnership has tailored this domestic wallbox charge point for Toyota vehicles, promising efficient and reliable charging.

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Toyota HomeCharge naturally integrates with the MyToyota app. This enables users to easily manage their charging preferences, from scheduling charges to monitoring energy consumption. 

This collaboration between British Gas and Toyota extends beyond just providing hardware. Over the past three years, they have accelerated electric vehicle adoption in the UK. The partnership has already installed 1,500 Hive EV chargers.

Kim Royds, Head of Mobility at Centrica, commented:

“To get more electric vehicles on the UK’s roads, we must see greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between industry leaders, OEMs and energy providers. That’s exactly what we set out to do in partnering with Toyota – and it reaffirms our ambition to help drivers seamlessly transition into low-emission vehicles.

Access to at-home charging remains one of the key barriers to electric vehicle adoption and our long-term partnership with Toyota is designed to tackle this. The vehicle manufacturer has trusted us to work collaboratively to develop products and solutions that will give their customers greater control over their electrification experience. We look forward to working more closely with Toyota in the years ahead.”

Lloyd Wilson, General Manager of Electrification at Toyota (GB), added: 

“We are looking forward to our successful collaboration with British Gas moving to the next level with the introduction of Toyota and Lexus-branded HomeCharge wallboxes. HomeCharge is designed to work with both our MyToyota and Lexus Link+ Apps and our wide range of electrified models – both cars and vans – to give our customers a convenient, reliable and flexible means of charging their vehicle at home. British Gas has the extensive experience and depth of technical resources to provide a trusted installation and support service as we roll out this important new product.”

In addition to hardware solutions, British Gas and Hive offer customers affordable tariffs, including the SmartCharge option. This ensures that charging is convenient and cost-effective, making EV ownership more achievable for many.

What’s more, Centrica took the lead as the Headline Partner at the recent Heat Pump Summit, flying the flag for sustainable home solutions. The Toyota partnership extends the company’s sustainable living range, and gears the British giant for the future of the energy business.

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