Announcing our LinkedIn “Charge Speed Stories” Campaign

  • We are embarking on a mission to discover the fastest charging speed in EVs with the help of our community.
  • You can contribute by getting involved and sharing your charging speed photos via email or LinkedIn.
  • This campaign is set to kick off in mid-May and will showcase OEMs from across the globe.

Join us on our quest to uncover the fastest charging speeds in EVs.

Get ready to dive into the world of EV charging with our upcoming campaign, Charge Speed Stories, hosted by ElectricDrives.

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Starting mid-May, we will be showcasing the fastest charging times from various EV brands across LinkedIn to highlight the rapid evolution of EV technology.

Join the Movement

Charging speeds are a hot topic in the EV community, and our newest campaign is here to address any concerns and showcase the incredible advancements in the industry. Set to unfold over several weeks on LinkedIn, this campaign offers a platform for showcasing the rapid growth in EV technology.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting initiative by sharing your own charging times in the comments section of this campaign, or via email. Your unique experiences contribute to the collective narrative of innovation and progress in the realm of electric vehicles.

 Here’s a Sneak Peek at Our Lineup:

  • Tuesday, 14th of May: Tesla
  • Thursday, 16th of May : Kia
  • Tuesday, 21st of May: Polestar
  • Thursday, 23rd of May: Vauxhall
  • Tuesday, 28th of May : Volvo
  • Thursday, 30th of May: BMW
  • Tuesday, 4th of June: Nissan
  • Thursday, 6th of June: BYD
  • Tuesday, 11th of June : Peugeot
  • Thursday, 13th of June: Genesis
  • Tuesday, 18th of June: Hyundai
  • Thursday, 20th of June: Renault

Stay tuned for additional announcements as more OEMs join our lineup. 

Please send all your fastest charging times of any EV make to Or, you can share them in the comments on LinkedIn during our campaign on your car’s designated day. 

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