ElectriX and Osprey Charging team up to offer a seamless public charging experience

  • ElectriX and Osprey team up, offering 750+ rapid charging points for an efficient public charging experience.
  • Osprey’s 300kW chargers ensure speedy and reliable charging, backed by 24/7 monitoring.
  • Osprey prioritizes user-friendly charging with strategic locations, affordable fees, and a convenient app for payments and station location.

ElectriX and Osprey are set to optimise the public charging experience

ElectriX, under the LV umbrella, offers a comprehensive approach to navigating the nuances of electric driving. The platform serves as a knowledge hub, providing insights into leases, smart home chargers, and electric car insurance. The company’s aim is to streamline and simplify the transition to EV.

In conjunction with Osprey Charging, ElectriX extends its influence to the realm of public charging. Osprey is a key player with a vast network of live rapid charging stations. It operates with the mission to redefine the charging landscape and contribute to the ongoing narrative of sustainable transportation.

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Osprey’s advantage lies in rapid chargers, capable of up to 300kW, offering a practical and efficient charging experience. With an emphasis on accessible locations and straightforward payment methods, Osprey will create a network that aligns with the evolving needs of EV drivers.

As users explore Osprey’s extensive network, an interactive map becomes a valuable tool, providing insights into charging locations, availability, and speeds. The Osprey App, a complimentary resource, further enhances the user experience by facilitating in-app payments, session monitoring, and downloadable receipts—all tailored to accommodate various electric vehicle models.

Together, ElectriX and Osprey will forge a path towards a seamless and accessible public charging experience. Expanding ElectriX’s offer to include over 750 rapid charge points is a huge step towards total charging convenience. The commitment lies in the collective pursuit of a future where electric vehicles integrate into our daily lives. 

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