UK EV Charging Utilisation Report Shows a Surge of Demand for Ultra-Rapid Chargepoints

  • Green Finance Institute and Zapmap release groundbreaking report on UK EV charging utilisation.
  • Time-based and energy-based measures of utilisation introduced.
  • Ultra-rapid chargers show increased demand, but lower energy-based utilisation compared to rapid chargers.

The report shows a 78% rise in ultra-rapid chargepoints, but how are they being used?

The Green Finance Institute and Zapmap, the leading UK charge point mapping service, have released a groundbreaking report on UK EV charging utilisation. 

The report moves beyond counting charge points to help investors and local authorities understand the importance of strategic placement. Zapmap analyzed hundreds of thousands of charging sessions and introduced two measures of utilisation: time-based and energy-based.

Time-based utilisation measures the duration a vehicle is plugged in, while energy-based utilisation compares energy delivered to the potential maximum. 

Analyzing data since 2018, the report shows that time-based utilisation remained steady across most power ratings. Ultra-rapid chargers (150kW+), however, experienced increased demand, despite a 78% rise in their numbers. Energy-based utilisation indicated lower rates, with ultra-rapid chargers having the lowest utilisation compared to rapid chargers.

The difference between the two utilisation measures is influenced by factors such as charge point ratings and EV capabilities. As EV technology and infrastructure improve, the gap between time-based and energy-based utilisation is expected to decrease.

The report also addresses the financing risks associated with EV charging infrastructure. By providing clarity on utilisation, it enables financiers to assess investment opportunities and reduce uncertainty. This could unlock innovative financing mechanisms like utilisation-linked loans, developed by the Green Finance Institute.

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“It’s great to see these utilisation figures coming into the public domain because they can really help us move the conversation on from simply talking about the number of charge points to looking more closely at charging behaviour and patterns on different types of chargers. This in turn can help to inform local authorities and investment, ensuring the right charging provision is installed in the right places.”

Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder & COO, Zapmap

The report is a valuable tool for charge point operators and installers navigating the evolving EV charging landscape. utilisation data helps businesses adapt and optimize strategies, facilitating a smooth transition to electric mobility across the UK.

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