Millions to benefit from new supermarket charging, as Supermarket REIT joins forces with Osprey Charging 

  • Supermarket REIT and Osprey Charging team up for rapid charging installations across major UK supermarkets, bringing speedy and convenient EV charging to customers of Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and B&M.
  • Live and ready in Cumbria (16 ultra-rapid charge points) and Cambridgeshire (6 ultra-rapid charge points).
  • Next on the horizon: charging hubs on construction at Tesco Extra in Bradley Stoke with 16 ultra-rapid charge points, and at Tesco Leicester with 12 ultra-rapid charge points.

Supermarket REIT teams up with Osprey Charging, bringing millions the convenience of supermarket charging – now you can fill up your cart and power up your ride simultaneously!

Osprey Charging, a leading UK EV charging network, unveiled a fresh collaboration today, partnering with real estate investment trust Supermarket Income REIT. Osprey will deploy rapid EV charging hubs throughout the REIT’s omnichannel supermarket portfolio. This strategic alliance aims to enhance public EV charging convenience for millions, particularly customers of major retail giants like Morrisons and Tesco.

Six prime locations are in the spotlight for supermarket hubs, boasting a total of 65+ rapid charge points, and more sites are gearing up to join. The action has already begun with live hubs at Morrisons in Workington, Cumbria, and Wisbech at the gateway to Norfolk and Lincolnshire – areas where public charging is currently scarce.

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Electrifying these retail hotspots not only sparks a competitive edge, but future-proofs the investment, drawing in on-the-go fleet and private drivers, as well as local residents and businesses for the long haul. By breaking down one of the major roadblocks to EV adoption – accessible charging – reliable charging hubs are strategically placed in high-traffic shopping zones. It’s not just a charge; it’s a power move for confident electric choices.

Andrew Nosworthy, Commercial Director at Osprey Charging, said:

Supermarkets sit at the heart of communities, and providing a high standard of EV charging at them makes a difference to consumers’ choice of where to shop and confidence to drive electric. We’re delighted that Osprey are building our large, reliable rapid charging hubs at these prime locations working in partnership with Supermarket Income REIT. Their forward-thinking strategy will ensure they stay ahead of the curve by equipping their locations to meet growing EV market demand.

The new hub at Morrisons in Workington features 16 ultra-rapid charge points, each with a solid 300kW capability. The layout is designed for easy access, and the charging technology in place manages power distribution based on the real-time needs of each vehicle. This ensures efficient power usage, allowing for more high-power charge points and ensuring customers get the right amount of power for their cars throughout the charging process.

Osprey’s hubs are designed with state-of-the-art charging technology to deliver a seamless experience. The chargers are user-friendly, offering open-access payment options. Users can pay with ease using contactless bank cards, Apple/Google Pay, the Osprey App, RFID card payments, and various third-party EV services, including fleet cards. 

Robert Abraham, Managing Director at Supermarkets at Atrato Group, said:

Sustainability is a key part of our strategy and so we are delighted to announce this partnership between SUPR and Osprey. Supermarkets are an ideal location for EV charging, with shoppers able to charge while they pick up their groceries. These developments are being delivered at no capital outlay to SUPR, whilst enhancing the sustainability credentials of assets and helping to drive footfall to the stores.

This announcement marks Osprey’s continued expansion in the retail property sector. With a solid five-year track record, Osprey has successfully installed over 180 rapid charge points for renowned portfolio owners including Ediston, London & Scottish Investments, M7 Real Estate, and Brookhouse Group. This underscores Osprey’s commitment to advancing sustainable and accessible EV charging in collaboration with key players in the retail property domain.

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