XPENG reveals impressive 33% boost in deliveries for April 2024

  • XPENG delivered 9,393 EVs in April 2024, up 33% from last year.
  • The X9 MPV reached nearly 10,000 units delivered since its launch.
  • XPENG introduced advanced AI innovations at the Beijing Auto Show 2024, including XOS 5.1.0, XPlanner, and AI Valet Driver, with MONA brand set to launch in June 2024.

XPENG reports record high deliveries in April 2024

XPENG has reported robust delivery results for April 2024. According to the company’s announcement, they delivered 9,393 EVs during the month, marking a significant 33% increase compared to last April.

Among the notable achievements, the XPENG X9 MPV stood out with 1,959 units delivered in April alone. Since its launch in January, the X9 MPV has been gaining traction. Cumulative deliveries now nearing the impressive milestone of 10,000 units solidify the X9’s position as one of the top-selling all-electric MPVs in China.

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Year-to-date figures reveal a similarly positive trend. By the end of April, XPENG had delivered a total of 31,214 EVs, representing a notable 23% increase year-on-year.

XPENG’s advanced technology is also making waves. The company reported that the monthly active user penetration rate of its XNGP system, designed for urban driving scenarios, reached an impressive 82% in April. 

Moreover, XPENG has made strides in its NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) functions. Recently, they conducted successful tests on German highways, bringing them closer to the rollout of Highway NGP for overseas markets.

XPENG recently showcased its latest AI-powered innovations, including the XOS 5.1.0, also known as Tianji OS. This operating system integrates AI into both smart cockpits and driving systems, promising enhanced functionality and user experience

XPENG recently announced the upcoming launch of its new brand, MONA (Made of New AI), scheduled to debut in June 2024. This, combined with the upcoming release of the G6 in Europe, foreshadows an impressive year for the manufacturer.

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