Volkswagen’s Elli EV charging network passes 600,000 units

  • Volkswagen Group’s charging network division, Elli, has achieved a significant milestone: more than 600,000 charge points now fall under its network across 27 European countries, further cementing its position as one of the largest charging networks in Europe.
  • This translates to a significant increase of 200,000 chargers in just one year, after the company announced the record of 400,000 European chargers twelve months ago.
  • Elli’s focus goes beyond numbers however, as it is also looking to improve the quality and conveniences on offer at charging stations.

The Elli charging network gets ever closer to the 1 million mark

Alongside this landmark number, Elli has also launched a ‘Selected Partner Network’. This consists of a range of specifically-chosen charging stations for EV drivers that offer a premium experience, which are required to include facilities such as toilets, restaurants, and cafes. So far, this selected partner network includes IONITY Europe, Audi Charging, Aral Pulse, and Italian charging network Ewiva. The company also notes that as the number of charge points expands, it will ensure that charging ease, quality, and convenience also continue to increase.

Elli’s increasingly large charging network will benefit those in company electric cars, too. Just two months ago, the network expanded its fleet charging solution from Germany to Italy, Spain, and Austria too. The charging network’s achievement further solidifies Europe’s commitment to EVs, as the majority of the continent races towards EV mandates in the coming decades.

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Speaking on the achievement, Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli, said:

“Providing a pan-European network counting more than 600,000 charge points is a significant achievement for Elli. However, our commitment goes beyond quantity; it’s about ensuring a high-quality charging experience. As electric mobility continues to gain momentum, Elli remains at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the establishment of a robust and reliable charging and energy infrastructure across Europe.”

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