Volkswagen’s Elli brand launches fleet charging solution in Europe

  • Elli’s fleet charging solution will launch this month in Italy, Spain, and Austria, with more European countries coming later down the line.
  • The news follows a successful pilot launch in Germany.
  • The fleet charging management software reduces administrative workload, and allows employees to easily differentiate between private charging and automated reimbursement for work-related charging.

Volkswagen Group’s own Elli fleet charging management system is expanding into three more European countries. This comes after a successful trial-run in Germany, which has resulted in over 650 companies and fleet managers using the product within the country. The software allows electric company car users to seamlessly charge across the continent, with integration with both 560,000 public chargepoints, and home charging, all under one payment system. With 1 in 7 new company fleet cars being fully-electric, fleet charging solutions such as Elli will become ever more crucial in the transition to electric vehicles. Other companies interested in testing out Elli’s system can sign up for free.

“The transition to electric mobility is changing the way companies organize their mobility. Electric fleet management differs from classic fleet management because company car drivers aren’t just charging on the road. Companies need a solution that has an integrated multi-national billing system that covers all types of charging cases, from the public fast charging station to the private home charger with a MID energy meter. Elli offers turnkey software and hardware solutions that completely cover this use case.”

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Giovanni Palazzo, Elli CEO

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