Vauxhall makes EV ownership on par with petrol with new PCP offers

  • Vauxhall’s new PCP offers equalise monthly payments for electric and petrol cars.
  • Monthly costs for electric Corsa, Mokka, and Astra now match petrol versions.
  • Special edition electric models offer lower monthly payments, substantial deposit contributions, and improved charging solutions.

Vauxhall shakes up the electric vehicle market with new PCP offers, propelling affordable EV ownership 

Vauxhall has unveiled a pioneering set of PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) offers. These effectively erase the financial gap between electric and petrol-powered vehicles.

Under this new scheme, monthly payments for electric models like the Corsa, Mokka, and Astra now stand shoulder to shoulder with their petrol counterparts. 

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Vauxhall drives the parity with monthly payments, without factoring in the cost-saving advantages typically associated with EV ownership. These include lower energy expenses per mile, reduced maintenance costs, and exemption from congestion charges.

Vauxhall’s proposition includes its special electric models: the Corsa Electric YES Edition and Mokka Electric Griffin.

These variants come at a lower monthly cost than the petrol-powered equivalents, provided customers match deposit contributions. For example, the Corsa Electric YES Edition is available for £251 per month, whereas its petrol counterpart demands £274. Beyond parity, Vauxhall is offering significant deposit contributions on select electric models. 

These include £7,450 off for the New Corsa Electric Design, £4,590 off for the Mokka Electric Griffin, and £3,000 off for the Astra Electric Design. Yet another advantage lies in Vauxhall’s Plug & Go offer. This is bolstered by a complimentary Ohme Pro Wallbox upon online purchase. Customers are also presented with public charging alternatives. This includes a year’s worth of charging credit at Tesco or a £675 credit with Octopus Electroverse. 

With monthly payments for the New Corsa Electric starting at £280, the Mokka Electric at £286, and the Astra Electric at £421, these figures align with their petrol counterparts over a four-year PCP. Moreover, the Astra Electric Design consumes just £14.98 of electricity for 833 miles per month. This contrasts its petrol-powered counterpart, which demands £117 in fuel for the same mileage. 

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, commented:

“As we move towards offering an electric variant of every Vauxhall by the end of 2024, we are committed to democratising access to electric vehicles and our latest offers bring our range of fantastic electric cars to British motorists for the same monthly cost as a petrol car – or less in the case of the special edition Corsa YES and Mokka Griffin. Our enhanced Plug & Go offer also demonstrates our continuing efforts to simplify going electric, with a choice of affordable home and public charging solutions.”

Vauxhall is barreling towards electrifying its entire lineup by the close of 2024. Combined with public charging initiatives, affordable home charging partnerships, and the new PCP offers, the company is making EVs more accessible than ever.

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