Vauxhall and Tesco team up to offer EV-driving customers one year of free charging

  • Vauxhall, in partnership with Tesco, provides new EV customers one year of free charging at 2,700 bays across 619 stores.
  • Electric Streets initiative tackles on-street charging scarcity, featuring co-branded bays.
  • Tesco aligns sustainability commitment with seamless EV charging experience for shoppers.

Vauxhall expands its Electric Streets of Britain initiative with a pivotal Tesco partnership

Vauxhall has forged a significant partnership with Tesco, aiming to reshape the electric vehicle (EV) landscape in the UK. New Vauxhall EV customers enjoy a year of complimentary charging at Tesco’s network of 2,700 charging bays across 619 stores. This makes it the largest supermarket charging network in the country.

This collaboration is an integral part of Vauxhall’s Electric Streets of Britain initiative. It addresses the persistent challenge of providing accessible charging solutions for EV users. Tesco will rebrand its charging network, powered by Pod Point, to incorporate a distinctive co-branded identity with Vauxhall.

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The extensive reach of Tesco means it has stores within a 10-minute drive for over 70% of the UK population. This promises convenient access to EV charging. All 2,700 charging bays across Tesco stores will soon feature a unified Vauxhall & Tesco livery as part of this collaboration.

Beyond the immediate consumer benefits, Vauxhall’s Electric Streets of Britain initiative delves into addressing the scarcity of on-street charging solutions. The initiative includes an ‘Enablement Fund,’ fostering collaboration with key charging operators to enhance understanding and implementation of residential on-street charging requirements.

Motorists keen on having on-street residential EV chargers can actively participate by registering their interest at This information will play a crucial role in guiding UK councils to strategically invest in the necessary infrastructure.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: 

“As electric vehicle sales continue to grow, access to practical charging continues to be a hot topic to ensure the UK can continue along its electrification journey, whether at home, on-street or at a required destination.

In partnership with Tesco, Vauxhall is continuing to support electric vehicle drivers across the country, offering free charging for any new Vauxhall customer visiting a Tesco store.

We’re committed to electrifying Britain and helping UK motorists to make the switch to electric. We are excited to begin working with Tesco and look forward to seeing the UK’s charging network grow, allowing even more convenient charging solutions for drivers to make their day-to-day journeys.”

In the broader context, Vauxhall outlines plans to electrify its entire lineup by the year’s end, presenting a fully electric version for every car and van model. With Vauxhall securing the title of the UK’s best-selling electric van manufacturer in 2023, and models like Corsa Electric and Mokka Electric leading their respective categories, this collaboration reflects a nuanced response to the evolving landscape of electric vehicles in the UK.

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