UK motorbike enthusiasts: Now’s your chance to try the Maeving RM1S electric motorbike

  • Maeving expands test drives of the RM1S electric motorbike to four new locations from June 13th.
  • RM1S is lauded as a top-tier electric motorbike, featuring enhanced second-generation powertrain.
  • Co-founder Will Stirrup hails RM1S as an industry game-changer, marking a significant leap in motorbike electrification.

Maeving extends free test drives of the RM1S electric motorbike to four new locations in the UK

Maeving is bringing the electric experience to motorbike fans with a new series of RM1S test rides. Following a month of test drives in London and their Coventry headquarters, the company is now spreading to four additional locations across the UK. Starting June 13th, anyone interested can head to Colchester, Gateshead, Leicester, and Newmarket to try out Maeving’s latest creation. 

The RM1 debuted in 2022 to resounding admiration. Maeving has crafted the RM1S as a natural predecessor, focusing on extended range and heightened performance. 

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You can book your free test drive here.

As a result, the RM1S features Maeving’s second-generation powertrain, boasting a leap in power output compared to its forerunner. This model retains the retro style and innovative removable battery of the RM1. 

Maeving co-founder, Will Stirrup, heralding the RM1S as a “game-changer” poised to redefine the landscape of emobility. Maeving’s sights are set on catering to electric urban riders and traditional motorcycle fans alike. 

If you’re curious about the electrification of the motorbike industry, a die-hard biker, or even just interested in some exciting tech, you can head to any of the four new locations for your free test ride. 

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