Introducing the Maeving RM1S: The next step forward in electric motorbikes

  • Maeving launches RM1S, their fastest electric motorcycle at 65mph.
  • RM1S keeps RM1’s style and battery tech but doubles power with a second-gen engine.
  • Expanding options for urban and long-distance riders, Maeving prioritizes emissions-free riding.

UK electric motorcycle manufacturer, Maeving, has just unveiled the Maeving RM1S

This exciting addition marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. Maeving presents the RM1S as its second model, which boasts a top speed of 65mph. That makes it their fastest electric motorcycle to date.

Since the successful launch of the Maeving RM1 in April 2022, the Maeving team has been hard at work behind the scenes. 

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Their goal? To create a motorcycle that caters to riders seeking more speed and wider travel options beyond city limits. The result is the Maeving RM1S, a natural evolution of the RM1.

This new model retains the RM1’s distinctive style and innovative removable battery technology. However, it introduces a second-generation powertrain, delivering more than double the power of its predecessor. 

Maeving enthusiasts will instantly spot the details they loved from the RM1; the signature bobber-style seat and extended wheelbase. Notable updates include the redesigned central housings.

To commemorate the launch of this second model, Maeving is introducing four special edition paint schemes. Each of these pays homage to the creative sparks that fueled the design journey.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that everything that has made the RM1 so popular
with our customers is carried over to the new RM1S, whilst delivering the greater
performance that will mean it can be used in a much wider variety of use cases.

It’s an overused phrase, but we truly believe this is a game-changer: an EV that you can
purchase for less than the cost of a monthly Oyster card, that can be used for the vast
majority of one’s travel needs, with all the joy and convenience that motorcycling brings.
We’re incredibly proud of it.”

Will Stirrup, Co-Founder, Maeving

Maeving aims to offer something for everyone – from city cruisers to long-distance adventurers. The RM1S is one step closer to these incredible machines taking the reigns from traditional motorbikes once and for all. 

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