Uber boosts London EV adoption with £5,000 grant for its drivers

  • Uber boosts London’s EV revolution with £5,000 driver grants and incentives.
  • London leads globally in Uber’s EV usage, with 25% of miles covered by electric cars.
  • Uber offers comprehensive support for EV adoption, including grants, discounts on EV models, and charging credits for a greener transportation future in London.

Uber continues to drive London’s electric vehicle revolution by offering £5,000 driver grants and incentives

Uber is helping their London drivers switch to electric cars. They’re offering a £5,000 grant for Uber drivers in the city who don’t have an electric vehicle yet. This grant aims to support Uber’s goal of making all their vehicles in London fully electric by the end of 2025.

London currently ranks as Uber’s leading city globally for EV usage. London has a noteworthy 25% of all Uber miles in the city being covered by electric cars. Despite this progress, Uber acknowledges the necessity for further incentives to achieve its ambitious target of a fully electric fleet within the next two years.

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Starting from tomorrow (Tuesday, May 21), Uber is rolling out a comprehensive package for its London drivers. This package includes the £5,000 grant provided under Uber’s Clean Air Plan, in addition to exclusive discounts ranging from £12,000 to £17,000 on selected EV models. By combining these incentives with the ‘Power-up’ grant, Uber drivers can enjoy savings of up to £22,000 on an EV purchase.

Moreover, all EV drivers will have access to up to three months of complimentary charging credits valued at £750. Uber has also partnered with Believ and Redbridge Council to provide 170 charging points across the borough.

Andrew Brem, Uber’s UK General Manager, commented:

“Now is the time to speed up on electrification, not slow down. We cannot reach our collective zero-emission goals without continued action from policymakers and investment across the industry. Uber drivers can be the catalyst for accelerating electrification across the transport sector but collaboration will be crucial to combat air pollution and work towards a more sustainable future.” 

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, shares his support:

“I am determined to achieve my mission to make London a net-zero city by 2030, and the electrification of our buses and cars is absolutely key to this. I welcome this initiative, which will give drivers who need it a helping hand to switch their petrol or diesel vehicle for an electric one.”

These efforts highlight Uber’s dedication to promoting a greener and more sustainable transportation landscape in London. By providing a comprehensive EV support package and collaborating with local authorities to expand charging infrastructure, Uber is paving the way for a cleaner future, not just for the company but for the entire city of London as well.

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