The XP-1: Fellten and Morgan Motor Company’s technology-first three-wheeled prototype EV

  • Morgan Motor Company collaborate with Fellten on the XP-1, an innovative prototype EV.
  • Fellten’s 33kWh battery system powers the XP-1, celebrated at the 2023 SEMA Show.
  • Morgan’s XP-1 reflects a commitment to a lightweight, fun-to-drive electric future.

Fellten and Morgan Motor Company have come together to produce a unique prototype EV

Fellten, the innovative vehicle electrification firm, has teamed up with Morgan Motor Company to bring forth the XP-1, a cutting-edge prototype EV. This three-wheeler is a fusion of tradition and innovation. It showcases some of Fellten’s high-tech battery technology in a classic Morgan design.

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At the heart of the XP-1 is a 33kWh battery system courtesy of Fellten. It was chosen for its seamless integration and contribution to the prototype’s lightweight yet dynamic performance. Fellten recently wowed at the 2023 SEMA Show, where their Universal Battery Pack UBP55E snagged the Global Media Award.

Fellten’s role in the XP-1 goes beyond the battery, encompassing a state-of-the-art battery pack and management system. This showcases Fellten’s adaptability as a Tier One supplier to the automotive industry.

The UBP55E isn’t just an award-winner; it’s a versatile solution for a range of classic vehicles. The efficiency and ease of integration are evident, featuring built-in CCS rapid charging, advanced thermal management, and robust power delivery – all manufactured in Bristol, UK.

Chris Hazell, Fellten CEO, said: 

“Fellten’s collaboration with Morgan Motor Company on the XP-1 prototype underscores our commitment to leading the conversion-to-electric revolution. We are dedicated to innovation and quality, striving to blend tradition with modern technology on a large scale. We invite trade and industry partners to join us in shaping an electrified, sustainable future.”

Matthew Hole, Chief Technical Officer of Morgan Motor Company, said:

“It has been great to be able to work with industry-leading experts like Fellten to provide a one-off battery for our new electric experimental prototype, XP-1. We are immensely proud to be sharing XP-1 with the world and showcasing some of the first-class engineering that takes place behind the scenes at Morgan. As we embark on our electric journey, this prototype will become a focal point of the engineering and design process, providing a wealth of insight and helping to build up our in-house EV capability.

We are in no doubt that we can ensure future electric Morgan sports cars retain the core appeal of our current range, meaning they are fun to drive, lightweight, handcrafted, and bespoke. We will be relentless in our pursuit of preserving these characteristics for our customers for generations to come.”

Morgan joins the list of iconic British brands going electric. Hot on the heels of the unveiling of the Range Rover Electric just yesterday. 

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