The Range Rover Electric: A pivotal point for one of Britain’s most iconic brands

  • The Range Rover Electric marks a monumental shift for the iconic brand into the electric vehicle (EV) realm.
  • Prototype testing aims for the quietest and most refined Range Rover, featuring advanced technologies.
  • Manufactured on Modular Longitudinal Architecture in Solihull, UK, with an emphasis on sustainability.

The Range Rover Electric sparks a new chapter in the prestigious brand’s history

The iconic British brand, Range Rover, is set to redefine its legacy with the introduction of the highly anticipated Range Rover Electric. This marks a monumental leap for the luxury SUV manufacturer as it steps into the EV arena.

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Geraldine Ingham, Managing Director, Range Rover

“Since going on sale in 2021 the latest generation Range Rover has set a new benchmark for desirability. Across the globe, we’re seeing the highest levels of client demand in our 53-year history.

Because of this unprecedented success story, we’re now opening the official waiting list for the opportunity to be among the first to place a pre-order for the most anticipated Range Rover of recent times.

Marking a new era for the Range Rover brand: the original luxury SUV is now available as an all-electric model.”

Currently undergoing prototype testing, the Range Rover Electric will be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever engineered. JLR engineers are subjecting the prototypes to a stringent sign-off program, evaluating capabilities in diverse and challenging conditions. This includes the ability to wade through water depths of up to 850mm. So, the brand is commited to ensuring the EV lives up to the rugged reputation that has defined the Range Rover lineage.

The new model will amass a remarkable portfolio of patents, outpacing its predecessors in innovation. Features such as active road noise cancellation and a bespoke sound design aim to deliver a sophisticated, tranquil driving experience. Additionally, the 800V architecture brings the promise of rapid charging on public networks, addressing a critical concern in the EV landscape.

Beyond the technical advancements, this vehicle represents a poignant shift for the distinguished British marque. Aesthetic cues in the design offer a glimpse into the future.  The timeless design blends with the transformative power of electric propulsion. This release marks a new chapter for Range Rover.

The manufacturing front is equally noteworthy. The Range Rover Electric is built on the Modular Longitudinal Architecture in Solihull, UK, alongside its hybrid counterparts. Significantly, the brand is investing in a new underbody facility. 

Moreover, batteries and Electric Drive Units will be assembled at JLR’s Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton. This aligns with Range Rover’s broader ambition to achieve net-zero carbon by 2039. The local production will also aid in the vehicle’s compliance with the (potentially) upcoming Rules of Origin mandates. 

Thomas Müller, Executive Director, Product Engineering, JLR

“We are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created. The magic ingredients that underpin the success of Range Rover remain unchanged: timeless, reductionist design, a serene cabin and go-anywhere capability – but now offered with zero tailpipe emissions.

And as repeated throughout history, the Range Rover will continue to set the standard. The first of its type. An electric luxury SUV that can deliver on the Range Rover promise. A true global luxury product, as yet unseen in the industry. Created in the heart of the United Kingdom, the Range Rover Electric will slot into the range alongside its mild hybrid and plug-in electric hybrid siblings, offering a breadth of options to meet our clients’ needs.”

The significance of an emblematic British brand like Range Rover going electric reverberates far beyond the automotive realm. It encapsulates a broader narrative of innovation. As the waiting list opens for pre-orders, we can assume the Range Rover Electric will become an overnight success. 

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