The Tesla Cybertruck is coming to Europe on its Cyber Odyssey 

  • Cybertruck starts European tour, Cyber Odyssey, across 100+ locations in 20 countries until July 7th.
  • UK leg begins at Tesla Centre Park Royal on May 4th, followed by displays at Tesla Centers and city centers.
  • Enthusiasts can explore Cybertruck’s design, features, and schedule test drives during the tour.

The Tesla Cybertruck is coming to over 100 locations across Europe on the Cyber Odyssey

Tesla’s Cybertruck embarks on a European tour, the Cyber Odyssey, covering over 100 locations across 20 countries until July 7th. This initiative aims to introduce the innovative vehicle to a broader audience and provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to explore its features firsthand.

Starting today, May 4th, the Cybertruck debuts in the UK at the Tesla Centre Park Royal. It then visits various Tesla Centres and city centres. Attendees can engage with the vehicle, learn about its specifications, and even schedule test drives.

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The UK and Ireland leg of the Cybertruck Odyssey is detailed below.
  • Tesla Centre Park Royal – 4th to 5th May
  • Tesla Centre Westfield Shopping– 6th to 10th May
  • Kings Cross – 11th of May
  • Tesla Centre Solihull – 13th to 17th May
  • Birmingham Bullring – 18th to 19th May
  • Spinningfields Square – 20th to 21st May
  • Tesla Central Manchester– 22nd to 31st May
  • Edinburgh City Centre – 1st of June
  • Tesla Centre Glasgow – 2nd to 6th of June
  • Tesla Centre Belfast– 7th to 9th June
  • Tesla Centre Dublin – 14th of June
  • Dundrum Shopping Centre – 15th of June
  • Tesla Centre Cork – 18th of 23rd June

Check out the full range of dates and locations here.

The Cybertruck’s appeal lies in its futuristic design, inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics. Constructed from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel, it offers durability beyond industry standards, capable of withstanding dents, dings, and corrosion over time.

Beneath its rugged exterior lies impressive performance capabilities.

The Cybertruck’s performance variant, known as the Cyberbeast, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. It rivals high-performance sports cars. Its Adaptive Air Suspension system ensures a smooth ride and precise handling.

Inside, the Cybertruck’s cargo bed is equipped with two 120V power outlets and one 240V outlet. This provides convenient access to power on the go. Notably, Tesla’s Powershare technology enables bidirectional power transfer. Users can charge devices, other electric vehicles, and even power a home via the charger port.

While deliveries of the Cybertruck have commenced in North America from Tesla’s Giga Factory in Austin, Texas, European availability and delivery timelines remain undisclosed. However, Tesla emphasises its commitment to expanding its global presence.

As the Cybertruck embarks on its European journey, it continues to push the boundaries of automotive innovation. It captivates audiences with its head-turning design and performance capabilities.

Will you be heading out to meet the Cybertruck on its travels?

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