Smart charging company Ohme partners with ZenAuto in the UK

Ohme, the award-winning electric vehicle (EV) smart charging company, have announced its latest partnership with ZenAuto, the UK’s leading personal leasing company.

As ZenAuto’s primary smart charger supplier, Ohme will help more electric car drivers to reduce their running costs by enabling them to charge when electricity prices are at their lowest and renewable generation is at its highest.

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John Tracy, ZenAuto CEO, said: “ZenAuto enables drivers to choose their next car quickly and easily and is committed to helping them with the move towards electric.

“Ohme is a perfect business partner with its Home Pro smart charger ideal to help those drivers with the switch. And, just like us at ZenAuto, Ohme is committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the entire journey.”

Last year Ohme launched its free smart charging app for electric cars and vehicles. The app enables owners to save hundreds of pounds annually, while also delivering invaluable insight to energy operators to help them balance the grid.

ZenAuto is one of the UK’s leading personal leasing companies and is part of Zenith. Providing drivers with the options of new or used cars, ZenAuto has a fleet of over 9000 cars, with an increasing number switching to electrified vehicles.

A survey undertaken by ZenAuto following the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow found that more than a third of drivers were considering a switch to an electric car sooner than they had originally planned.

Stuart Clark, Ohme sales director, said: “Ohme is very happy to be partnering with ZenAuto to help more drivers make the switch to electric cars. Used in conjunction with smart charging tariffs, our Home Pro smart charger can help EV drivers to realise savings of up to £1000 on their charging costs and reduce their CO2 by up to 70 percent compared to standard charging.”

This latest agreement with ZenAuto follows Ohme’s recently announced partnership with Motability Operations, the largest fleet operator in the UK, as well as its awards for Innovation in Electric Vehicles by Fleet World and Best Electric Charging Point Provider by Business Motoring.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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