Normal, Illinois, is getting a $1.5 billion EV investment from Rivian and Governor JB Pritzker

  • Gov. Pritzker and Rivian invest $1.5 billion in Normal, Illinois, creating over 550 jobs.
  • Investment backed by REV Illinois Incentive Package to boost EV production.
  • Partnership underscores state’s commitment to clean energy innovation and job creation.

Rivian and Governor JB Pritzker team up for a $1.5 billion investment in the town of Normal, Illinois

Governor JB Pritzker and electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Rivian are teaming up for a massive $1.5 billion investment in the town of Normal, Illinois. This significant move, backed by the REV Illinois Incentive Package, will bolster the local economy and create over 550 new full-time jobs.

The announcement marks a milestone in Illinois’ push towards emobility and future-proof economic prosperity. With a focus on expanding its Normal facility, Rivian will produce its highly anticipated R2 model SUV.

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The expansion will see Rivian’s Normal facility’s total capacity surge to 215,000 units per year, primarily R2 SUV models. This move aligns with Rivian’s commitment to offering affordable and family-friendly electric vehicles, catering to a diverse consumer base.

Governor JB Pritzker, commented:

“We are taking a tremendous step forward – for our electric vehicle ecosystem, for our economy, and for our state. This partnership brings significant investment in the Illinois workforce – including another manufacturing training academy, a dual credit apprenticeship program for high school students, and further support through the Employer Training Investment Program. Not only are we creating the jobs of the future, we are providing Illinoisans the skills they need to fill them.”

RJ Scaringe, Rivian Founder and Chief Executive Officer, expressed enthusiasm:

“We are grateful for this investment from the State of Illinois and for the leadership of Governor Pritzker, President Harmon, and Speaker Welch. The support from the state will allow us to quickly bring our midsize SUV, R2, to market and provide even greater consumer choice for EVs. Governor Pritzker has always been a strong advocate for providing economic opportunities for Illinois residents and business owners alike. ​ We look forward to continuing our close partnership and building upon the success we have enjoyed.” 

Crucially, this investment isn’t just about job creation but about securing well-paying jobs. Rivian pledges to pay its new employees at least 120% of the average wage in McLean County. The minimum salary is estimated at $51,174, providing a boost to local economies.

Illinois’ appeal to Rivian wasn’t just about incentives; it was about infrastructure and workforce quality. The state’s strong supply chain, coupled with its supportive policies, made it an attractive destination for Rivian’s expansion plans.

The incentive package is valued at $827 million over 30 years. A significant portion is dedicated to workforce development. Rivian stands to benefit from tax credits totalling nearly $634 million, contingent on job retention targets being met. 

The state is also investing in educational initiatives to prepare the next generation of workers. Plans for a second manufacturing training academy and a dual-credit apprenticeship program underscore Illinois’ commitment to building a robust EV ecosystem. Pending an executed agreement, Rivian will receive $75 million in capital funding through the Invest in Illinois Fund.

House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, commented:

“Illinois continues to establish itself as the leader in the electric vehicle revolution. Our ambitious clean energy goals provide a better future for our state, and they’re also creating thousands of good-paying jobs and attracting significant investments that grow our economy right now. I want to thank Governor Pritzker, my colleagues in the legislature, and countless advocates who have helped Illinois position itself as the best state in the nation for EV manufacturers.”

Illinois’ EV and clean energy sector has been experiencing a surge in investments, with recent projects including Gotion’s EV battery gigafactory in Manteno and Manner Polymers’ solar-powered PVC compounding plant in Mt. Vernon. These developments underscore the state’s emergence as a hub for clean energy innovation.

Normal Mayor, Chris Koos, commented:

“Normal is excited for the continued growth of Rivian in our community. We appreciate the state of Illinois’ support of their plans which enhance our community’s economic landscape. We look forward to a bright future based on innovation and collaboration.”

Bloomington Mayor, Mboka Mwilambwe, stated:

“Bloomington stands ready to support Rivian’s meteoric growth both through our supplying of a first-class workforce and of a community with an unmatched quality of life for the hundreds of new employees to come. Today’s announcement along with what has been more than a half billion dollars in recent public and private investment in Bloomington outside of it should be seen as strong indicators of the company’s strength and of the continued emergence of the Bloomington Normal region as a hub for business attraction and expansion.”

Illinois’ success in attracting investments like Rivian’s speaks to the state’s forward-facing investments and workforce strength. Leaders across the political spectrum hailed the investment as a testament to Illinois’ leadership in the EV revolution. They also praised its ability to create sustainable economic opportunities for its residents. We will follow the progress of this huge investment very closely as it unfolds.

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