Meet the Rivian R2: The first Europe-bound EV from the brand

  • Rivian announced a new midsize EV platform earlier this week, powering three new models: the R2 SUV, R3 Crossover, and the R3X, a performance-oriented take on the R3.
  • During the reveal, Rivian confirmed that the R2 in particular will also be available in Europe, marking the firm’s first expansion into the continent.
  • The R2 will take on models such as the Tesla Model Y and Kia EV6.

The Rivian R2

Following on from Rivian’s flagship R1S and R1T models, which were exclusively available in North America, the R2 will be a global model for Rivian – being available in Europe, too. Its boxy design means Rivian models will continue to be a head turner, much like its larger predecessors.

The R2 will be available in three configurations: a RWD single-motor setup, or AWD dual-motor and tri-motor setups, with the latter capable of completing the 0-60 mph sprint in under three seconds – enough to worry even the best electric sports cars. Two battery capacities will be on offer, with the larger offering over 300 miles of range – along with rapid charging allowing a boost from 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes.

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Only US pricing has been revealed for the R2 so far, with an estimated starting price of $45,000. However, judging by this, and the price of likely rivals, you can expect a price around the £40,000 / €45,000 mark in the European market. You’ll have to wait a few years to get your hands on this new compact electric SUV however, with vehicles set to enter production in the start of 2026. US buyers can already place a $100 reservation down for the R2 to get their names on the waiting list.

The R3 was a surprise announcement from Rivian. Based on the same platform, the R3 should start around the $40,000 mark, with the R3X coming in higher.

RJ Scaringe, Founder and CEO of Rivian, commented:

“Our design and engineering teams are extremely focused on driving innovation into not only the product features but also our approach to manufacturing to achieve dramatically lower costs. R2 provides buyers starting in the $45,000 price range with a much-needed choice with a thoroughly developed technology platform that is bursting with personality. I can’t wait to get these to customers.”

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