Kempower joins Extreme E as the Official Charging Partner

  • Kempower joins Extreme E as Official Charging Partner, a pivotal move for the racing series.
  • Founded in 2017, Kempower specialises in EV chargers and global DC fast-charging reliability.
  • The collaboration emphasises cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and a shared vision for a cleaner electric racing future.

Kempower goes global with Extreme E Official Charging Partnership

Extreme E has a new Official Charging Partner, with Kempower joining, a pivotal move for the racing series. Kempower is a forward thinking specialist in advanced EV chargers and software design and manufacture.

In the realm of EV technology, Kempower stands out, dedicated to making global DC fast-charging reliable and user-friendly. They focus on creating durable solutions, tested and enhanced in the extreme racing conditions.

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In motorsport, where swift turnarounds are crucial, Kempower’s modular charging system, coupled with advanced software, promises a primed racing experience. Their commitment to evolving DC fast-chargers based on data and feedback highlights their dedication to cutting-edge technology. It mirrors the forward-thinking nature of the series, which puts innovation at the forefront of racing.

Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E, commented: 

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Extreme E, so to partner with Kempower who are changing the game when it comes to DC fast-charging is exciting. Their technology will help us get the cars out on track even sooner and their reliability credentials in extreme environments suit us perfectly. It is also great that we align on many core sustainability goals with their targets as ambitious as ours.”

Kempower showcased EV chargers at the recent Desert X Prix in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, underlining their hands-on testing approach.

Beyond technological advancements, Kempower shares a robust sustainability ethos with Extreme E. Aditionally, Kempower aims for 100% recyclability, targeting zero landfill waste by 2025, and a 50% reduction in plastic packaging.

Paula Savonen, VP, Communications at Kempower, said:

“Working with Extreme E fits perfectly with Kempower’s vision to make this planet a cleaner and quieter place for all of us. We are constantly striving to improve our technology, our software and our service. That’s why working with Extreme E, where every competition is extremely challenging to execute, is very motivating and exciting for our team.

The Desert X Prix was a great start for the 2024 season – we look forward to the upcoming season and wish all teams the best of luck!”

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