Kempower unveils upgraded EV charger platform with cutting-edge silicon carbide technology

  • Kempower launches upgraded EV charger with silicon carbide (SiC) technology.
  • SiC ensures efficient electricity flow and wide temperature range.
  • Customer deliveries begin Q1 2024, expanding to North America in Q2.

Kempower unleashed silicon carbide technology with its next-gen charger platform

Kempower introduces its next-generation charger platform, incorporating cutting-edge silicon carbide (SiC) technology. This innovation spans the entire product range, promising a notable upgrade in the EV charging landscape.

Kempower’s Chief Market Officer Jussi Vanhanen, said:

“With the next generation charger platform, we release the Kempower Power Module Version 2, featuring silicon carbide (SiC) technology. Based on the first customer pilots and accelerated endurance testing, the new technology provides grid-friendly electricity flow with extremely low THD levels, increased efficiency, and wide operating temperature range.

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With an increased efficiency and power factor up to 0.98 PF, electrical infrastructure costs may be reduced while delivering the same charging power to electric vehicles as with our previous design.

Other benefits include improved electrical compatibility with existing site locations while contributing to increased grid resilience for large deployments of EV chargers.”  

With a strategically woven supply chain network in Europe and North America, Kempower is leading SiC technology adoption. This strategic move ensures scalability to meet growing demand. It also contributes to a localised supply chain with production facilities strategically located in Lahti and North Carolina.

Customer deliveries of the next-generation charger technology will commence in the initial quarter of 2024. North American markets will join the fold in the subsequent quarter.

Kempower’s next-gen charger platform, driven by SiC technology, emerges as a pivotal moment in the evolution of EV infrastructure. The intersection of heightened efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and grid resilience positions Kempower as a significant contributor to the evolving narrative of sustainable mobility. We’re seeing a slew of charger breakthroughs of late, so which chargers will cement their place in EV history?

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