IONWAY’s new plant in Poland could rapidly accelerate European battery production

  • IONWAY, with PowerCo and Umicore backing, establishes CAM plant in Nysa, Poland, reshaping European battery production.
  • Initiative creates 900 jobs, prioritizes renewable energy, and aligns with EU sustainability targets.
  • Government support and proximity to Umicore enhance transparent and regional battery supply chains.

European battery production gets a major boost with IONWAY’s flagship plant

IONWAY, backed by the powerhouse alliance of PowerCo and Umicore, is embarking on a historic venture. The is gearing up to establish its pioneering cathode active material (CAM) production plant in Nysa, Poland. This development, adjacent to Umicore’s existing CAM facility, will bolster the European Union’s emobility industry while creating over 900 job opportunities.

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IONWAY will use the new plant to produce of CAM for electric vehicles (EVs). These are critical components, considered amongst the most valuable assets in EV batteries. The plant itself will become a beacon for sustainability. The production site is planned to operate entirely on renewable energy, aligning with the ethos of carbon-neutral production.

Jörg Teichmann, Chief Purchasing Officer of PowerCo, said:

“IONWAY gives both PowerCo and Umicore a significant first-mover advantage in the fast-growing e-mobility market in Europe. PowerCo has now co-created what it was looking for: a battery materials supplier to secure and build-up manufacturing capacity for reliable and cost-competitive precursor and cathode material production based on responsibly sourced raw materials.”

This initiative receives steadfast support from the Polish government under the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF). The TCTF endorsement is accompanied by a substantial €350 million cash grant. That’s a testament to the strategic importance of IONWAY’s venture in the region.

By strategically locating the production facility in Nysa, IONWAY gains access to renewable energy sources, a skilled workforce, and support from local authorities. This location is coupled with Umicore’s nearby CAM expertise and easy access to raw materials from Umicore’s refining operations in Finland. That positions IONWAY as a cornerstone in the establishment of a sustainable, efficient, and modern European battery production industry.

Mathias Miedreich, CEO of Umicore, added:

“We are thankful for the Polish government’s support in IONWAY’s choice for Nysa. The strategic location of the joint venture’s battery materials plant in Poland, right next to Umicore’s own battery materials plant, which is still unique in Europe, will further enable the transition to electric driving that is truly sustainable.”

Construction is slated to commence shortly, following the completion of the permitting process. Once operational, IONWAY’s plant will cater to PowerCo’s European battery cell gigafactories, ensuring a seamless supply chain. 

This pioneering initiative not only signifies the commitment from key players like IONWAY, PowerCo, and Umicore, but also the development of regional EV production. We’ve seen similar moves to regionalise production in the US, following President Biden’s IRA stipulations. Now, European battery production is undergoing a similar overhaul, in an ultimate effort to decentralise production so that EVs can become more sustainable in production, and accessible upon release.

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