ABB and Altilium partner to revolutionize battery sustainability 

  • ABB and Altilium transform European battery sustainability with automation, electrification, and digital solutions.
  • Meeting the demand for sustainable battery materials is vital for the booming electric vehicle industry.
  • Partnership lowers EV carbon footprint, promoting a greener future.

ABB and Altilium forge a groundbreaking partnership in a push towards battery sustainability

The collaboration, marked by a formal Memorandum of Understanding could revolutionize the battery industry. They aim to integrate automation, electrification, and digital solutions into European battery recycling plants. These efforts are crucial in the face of a rapidly increasing demand for batteries, expected to surge 14-fold by 2030 according to data from the World Economic Forum.

Dr Christian Marston of Altilium said: 

“Teaming up with ABB aligns perfectly with our commitment to redefine battery recycling for clean energy transportation. This is just the beginning of our journey toward closing the loop in battery manufacturing and decarbonizing automotive supply chains.”

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Altilium’s initiatives focus on green processing technologies and building large-scale infrastructure for recycling metals and EV battery waste. ABB, a global technology leader, steps in with its expertise in providing control systems equipment and solutions. 

ABB’s cutting-edge technologies will be deployed in Altilium’s pilot battery recycling scheme in the UK. The collaboration might extend to a planned UK plant in Teesside and the retrofit of Altilium’s European Solvent Extraction-Electrowinning (SX-EW) facility in Eastern Europe.

Staffan Sodergard, Global Product Line Manager for Battery Manufacturing, ABB, commented:

“By combining our expertise in automated control systems, electrification and digital technology with Altilium’s approach to battery recycling, we are well positioned to drive positive change in the EV industry.

This is an important agreement in the vital and growing field of battery recycling, where ABB continues to build expertise with ambitious battery industry customers and partners.”

We’ve seen efforts to improve battery sustainability before, through initiatives such as recycling batteries into powerbanks and other second-life uses. However, this approach aims to reshape the supply chain to place long-term sustainability front and centre. 

This partnership is more than a business agreement; it signifies a pivotal moment in the EV industry. By creating an efficient ecosystem for recycling batteries, the collaboration not only addresses the urgent need for sustainable battery materials but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of EVs. This aligns perfectly with the shared commitment of both companies towards a greener future, demonstrating that a holistic approach to the EV journey – from manufacturing to recycling – is not just a necessity but a collective responsibility. With ABB and Altilium leading the way, the path to a sustainable, eco-friendly EV industry appears brighter than ever before.

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