Hypervolt expands to Australia, as the nation accelerates its green transition

  • Hypervolt begins operations in Sydney on September 1, 2024, after a successful launch in Ireland.
  • Nearly 3 million solar-equipped homes and high EV interest make Australia ideal for Hypervolt’s chargers.
  • Hypervolt plans to deploy thousands of chargers, partnering with local PV firms to boost EV adoption.

Hypervolt makes moves down under as the Australian EV market flourishes

Hypervolt, a leading EV charging provider, is set to expand into Australia. Operations will begin in Sydney on September 1, 2024. Following a successful launch in Ireland earlier this year, the company is on the up-and-up.

Australia has been a key target for Hypervolt since its inception in 2021

According to the Clean Energy Council, nearly 3 million Australian homes were equipped with solar panels by December 2023. That’s a huge market for Hypervolt’s solar-compatible chargers. 

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The potential for EV adoption in Australia is significant. Pureprofile’s 2024 research shows that 30% of Australians intend to purchase an EV, and 94% of current EV owners are satisfied with their decision and would buy another. The nation has also become an extremely active region for World EV Day™, with numerous activations and announcements last year. 

Hypervolt will offer its Home 3 Pro EV charger in Australia, promising a seamless online checkout and installer matching experience similar to that in the UK. The company is also partnering with Australia’s leading photovoltaic installation firm to provide a comprehensive renewable energy solution for consumers.

Founder and CEO, Flavian Alexandru, expressed excitement:

“We are incredibly excited about the expansion in Australia and look forward to opening up a presence in Sydney, bringing the same level of customer care UK customers have grown to know and love.”

Manuel Gatto, leader of the Australian expansion, added:

“We are incredibly proud to bring Hypervolt to the Australian market and thrilled to start serving new customers there. This is a huge milestone for us, which also marks an exciting new chapter in our company history.”

Hypervolt began its journey in Australia in mid-2021, with high demand prompting installers to import its units. Now, the company aims to scale up rapidly, deploying tens of thousands of chargers in the coming years. You can check out Hypervolt’s latest home EV chargers a the EV SUMMIT in Oxford, UK, this July. Hypervolt will be attending as exhibitors, with their cutting-edge, now global, tech on display.

Head of Partnerships at Hypervolt, David Woodford, commented: 

“There is a lot of coverage around where the energy to power EVs comes from, thus Australia is incredibly impactful thanks to commendable efforts over the last decade by Australian states and municipal legislatures to support the green transition with major solar roll-outs. Even powering an EV with electricity generated by coal is still more efficient, with a lower CO2e footprint than ICE, but by harnessing nature’s power station, drivers are further empowered make their difference, and we are tremendously excited to do this over the coming months down-under.”

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