Australia and New Zealand lift World EV Day™ to new heights 

Emobility is soaring in Australia and New Zealand

Having been born in the UK four years ago, it’s a pleasure to watch World EV Day™ take flight internationally. 

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The Australia and New Zealand EV sector has gathered behind the campaign as the emobility begins to skyrocket across the regions. This rapidly emerging popularity has been echoed in previous editions of the World EV Day™ campaign. Now, it’s clear to see the interest and engagement is bigger than ever.  

Sustainable delivery specialists, ANC, are leading the charge with their ‘Take the Pledge’ campaign. The pledge has already gained major backing from IKEA Australia

Renault Australia, MINI Australia and Toyota New Zealand are amongst the manufacturers and key players who are playing a massive role in this year’s campaign.

Battery minerals are a valuable asset for Australia, so it’s no surprise to see the Australian government getting behind EVs and World EV Day™. The Department of Energy and Public Works and the Queensland Treasury have both shown their support. Could this signal more Australian Governmental support for the EV sector in the near future?

Thank you to all of our emobility advocates in Australia and New Zealand for contributing to a truly special campaign.

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