Everrati expands electric vehicle (EV) icon portfolio with launch of Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender models

Everrati Automotive Limited, a leading global technology company specialising in the redefining and futureproofing of automotive icons by converting them to electric powertrains, has expanded its line-up with zero-emission versions of the Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender.

Now, owners of Everrati’s redefined Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender can be part of the next chapter of their legacy. Everrati’s expert team of engineers meticulously incorporate its proven, state-of-the-art original equipment manufacturer (OEM) grade electric powertrain designed and developed at its global headquarters in Oxfordshire, England.

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Everrati will stay true to the timeless quality of the vehicle yet provide a powertrain upgrade that will exceed the performance specifications of the original.

Combined with the latest in sustainable luxury materials, including the world’s lowest carbon leather for the automotive industry from the leading leather manufacturer, Bridge of Weir, each vehicle is bespoke to individual owners’ specifications. They are restored retaining the vehicle’s original character and DNA, both dynamically and aesthetically.

Justin Lunny, Everrati founder and CEO, said: “We are extremely proud to announce our plans for the Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender, redefining them with our state-of-the-art 4×4 EV architecture, already proven in the Land Rover Series. 

“These vehicles set new standards at launch – we will do the same again with our advanced technology, as we transform these icons, enabling them to live on in the age of electrification.

“Perfectly at home in London, Cornwall, Monterey or The Hamptons, these vehicles are right in the current zeitgeist; rolling pieces of art that will give their owners, who are mavens of sustainability and responsibility, a clean and distinctive and luxurious way of travelling. 

“At the same time, these progressive machines will have a legacy, being preserved for generations who will be able to continue to use and enjoy them guilt-free, with zero emissions, as the automotive landscape changes around them.”

We love that these vehicles can be repurposed with a zero emissions electric powertrain and keep them on the road for generations to come. They look amazing but don’t come cheap as you’d expect with a decent restoration job. 

Pricing of the Range Rover Classic will be £230,000 (plus VAT) and the donor vehicle, meanwhile, the Land Rover Defender will be £185,000, (plus VAT) and the donor vehicle.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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