Nissan launches new digital travel series to promote sustainable travel

    Nissan is launching a new tool to help global travellers enjoy more sustainable holidays with its Electric Travel Guide. Launched as the all-new, Nissan Ariya electric crossover arrives on European roads, it’s the perfect companion for an electrified break. The Travel Guide is now available for Stockholm, the first city to be covered in the ongoing series.

    After pandemic-imposed isolation over the past two years, travel is on the rise once again, except this time, for many, there are new priorities. Sustainability is in, with at least four out of five (83 percent) global travellers considering sustainable travel to be vital. Three in five (61 percent) also say the pandemic has encouraged them to travel more consciously in the future.

    One effective way to do that is to fly less and drive an electric vehicle (EV) and Nissan’s Electric Travel Guide is designed to help travellers make truly conscious choices. The series will present a travel ecosystem that curates a novel mix of culture and cuisine, connecting must-see spots along the most picturesque routes.

    Friederike Kienitz, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Nissan AMIEO, said: “To deliver true net-zero mobility, at Nissan we have committed to look beyond our vehicles.

    “That’s why we launched our new Electric Travel Guide: a series of digital guides to empower journeys and help make amazing, sustainable travel experiences accessible, from the places you visit to the way you get around town. 

    “At Nissan, we recognise that the whole EV ecosystem – across 360 degrees – has to be part of a circular, net zero economy to build towards a more sustainable future for all.”

    With its pioneering efforts in urban sustainability, superb cultural attractions and high rates of electric vehicle adoption, Stockholm was a natural fit to start the series. The city’s ambitious drive to become fossil-free and climate-positive by 2040 also aligns with Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.

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    With this edition of the Electric Travel Guide, users can chart a journey and discover an authentic Japanese bath-house experience at the Yasuragi. There’s also farm-to-fork dining at Rosendals Garden or users can travel to one of 30,000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Plus, the guide offers more beyond this.

    Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President of Product Strategy & Pricing at Nissan AMIEO, said: “We’ve reimagined the Ariya to help drivers meet their own desire for more conscious lifestyle choices.

    “With the Electric Travel Guide, we’re creating an experience that reminds all of us that sustainable travel goes way beyond the transport we use. This is from the places we stay to the food we eat and everything else along the way.”

    As part of Nissan’s effort to achieve carbon neutrality across operations and product life cycles by 2050, every all-new Nissan vehicle in key markets will be electrified by the early 2030s.

    Nissan’s Electric Travel Guide is an ongoing series with future locations to come.

    10 Must-See Stockholm Travel Guide Locations 

    Yasuragi Hotel

    A Japanese bath house style spa hotel with its own hot spring, embodying the spirit of relaxation and sustainable tourism.

    Avicii Arena (Ericsson Globe)

    The world’s largest spherical building and one of Sweden’s most iconic landmarks, representing the Sun in the Sweden Solar System (SSS) – a series of buildings that make up the world’s largest model of the planetary system.


    Stockholm’s centre for contemporary photography, featuring some of the world’s most celebrated photographers alongside workshops, cultural events and world-class sustainable dining.


    An island housing some of Stockholm’s most famous cultural attractions including the Skansen, Vasa and ABBA Museums. Plus, theme parks and more.

    Rosendals Garden

    A popular destination with a farm-to-fork dining concept, featuring an orchard, rose garden, vineyard, farm shop, café and wood-fired bakery.

    Skansen Museum

    The world’s oldest open-air museum exhibits how Swedish life, customs and traditions have evolved over the years.

    Nordiska Museum

    Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history features over 1.5 million exhibits and collections that reflect Nordic lifestyles from the 16th century to the present day.

    Waldemarsudde Park

    Often referred to as ‘Sweden’s most beautiful art museum,’ Waldemarsudde is a sprawling park covering 70,000 square meters. It features centuries-old architecture, gardens, sculptures and galleries.

    Ellery Beach House

    Stockholm’s only beach resort with its own private jetty located on the tip of Lidingö Island.

    Stockholm Archipelago

    The Stockholm Archipelago covers an area of 650 square miles and consists of over 30,000 islands. It features vastly different landscapes and attractions between them. This ranges from coastal towns and abandoned fortifications to hiking trails and camping grounds.

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