EG Group launches the UK’s first re-branded Tesla Superchargers

  • EG Group launches EV Point network with Tesla V4 chargers under new branding.
  • Asda Express in Uttoxeter hosts the first re-branded Supercharger station, offering 10 charging stalls.
  • Group aims for 20,000+ chargers, leveraging its diverse retail portfolio for efficient EV charging.

The EG Group ‘EV Point’ network pioneers the use of Tesla V4 chargers under new branding

EG Group has unveiled the EV Point charging network, the first Tesla V4 chargers installed under different branding. 

The first of these re-branded Supercharger stations commenced operations at Asda Express in Uttoxeter. Featuring 10 charging stalls, this installation marks exciting progress in expanding the UK’s charging network.

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The group’s commitment to bolstering EV infrastructure is evident as it currently oversees 600 EV chargers. The group has ambitions to exceed 20,000 units. With a global footprint spanning over 6,000 gas stations and convenience stores, EG Group plays a pivotal role in the energy transition.

EG Group boasts a diverse retail portfolio. It includes popular brands like Asda, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, and Greggs. This diversity makes EG Group an appealing choice for EV drivers, looking for efficient charging along with amenities. This only echoes the destination charging boom we’re witnessing in the UK.

Fast charging is evolving…fast. Convenience and customer experience are emerging as decisive factors. As such, the acquisition of Tesla’s ultra-fast charging units gives the group a substantial leg-up on the competition.

Tesla’s decision to make its fast-charging hardware available to industry leaders like EG Group signifies a concerted effort towards fostering sustainable mobility solutions. It mirrors Tesla’s open expansion as an increasing list of high-level manufacturers join the Supercharger network.  

The chargers, branded as “evpoint,” will operate on an open network basis, ensuring accessibility to all brands. Moreover, they support the Plug and Charge protocol, streamlining payment processes for enhanced user convenience.

EG Group’s ambitious rollout plan aims to deploy over 20,000 chargers across its sites and third-party locations. The collaboration with Tesla is a significant stride hitting this goal. Ultimately, making fast EV charging open and accessible across the country.

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